Dell Inspiron i3059-3156BLK Desktop Review

January 6, 2016
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Who wouldn’t like a cheap All-in-One desktop? You can get a computer like Dell Inspiron i3059-3156BLK and start using it right away, you don’t need to buy anything separately. Furthermore, the desktop has received good reviews too, so it might be worth a closer look…

The good

Well it’s Intel Core i3 processor in this Dell, but it’s the latest 6th generation Core i3-6100U. You’ll find two cores inside, and the clock speed is decent 2.3GHz however turbo is not available. CPU Mark score is around 3500, keep in mind 4th generation Core i3s you still see these days are considerably slower, them getting just around 2500 points in the same test.

Networking options are decent in Dell Inspiron i3059-3156BLK, you’ll get a Gigabit RJ-45 port in case you’re interested in a cable connection. In addition, there’s also a 802.11n WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

The neutral

Having 4GB memory these days is acceptable however not great. For everyday computing it’s just what you need, but a power user would certainly benefit from having more. But as there are two SODIMM slots on the mainboard and the other one is free, you can easily upgrade to 8GB if you wish.

The included 19.5″ display does its job, but as you can see, it’s not that big – often desktop monitors are in the 22-24″ range. Also the 1600×900 resolution is nothing to be too proud of, Full HD would be better on almost a 20 inches display. A good thing, touch is supported, you may sweep your way through Windows 10.

You’ll get a lot of storage space, a 1000GB SATA 3 hard drive is included. But on the flip side, the spindle speed is just 5400RPM, so you won’t see any extra performance here. There are no extra drive bays or free M.2 slots inside, but I guess a tech-savvy person could remove the current drive and replace it with a fast SSD.

Dell Inspiron i3059-3156BLK is not full of ports, but AiOs rarely are. It has four USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0) for various devices and peripherals. There’s also HDMI-in, but it’s indeed an input: you can’t plug in another monitor to this computer, instead you can connect HDMI-supporting source like gaming console and play that through the Dell’s own display.

The webcam offers 1280×720 resolution, good enough for occasional video chats or even filming hobby videos for YouTube.

DVD burner and a media card reader are included.

The bad

As expected, you’re not going to find a dedicated graphics card in Dell Inspiron i3059-3156BLK. The graphics chip here is the integrated Intel HD 520, you can use it to play games on low settings which doesn’t satisfy the avid gamers. And the FPS would still be far from top-notch. For example, GTA 5 on low and 720p is going to give around 25 frames per second. On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Go will work fine on high settings and same resolution, giving over 50FPS.


As always, if it’s convenience you want, then nothing can beat an All-in-One desktop. They have everything a casual user needs to get started. You can also make this rig more professional-friendly by installing extra RAM and a solid-state drive. However, anything can’t be done about the gaming aspect, so you’re stuck with the weak graphics card. Otherwise, the Dell offers rather good bang for the buck.

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