Dell Inspiron i3052-1020BLK Desktop Review

January 15, 2016
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So you’re about to buy an affordable All-in-One desktop that’s also fast enough for daily tasks and programs? Dell Inspiron i3052-1020BLK might be a good pick: it’s one of the cheapest All-in-Ones out there, sporting low-end components which are enough to make a home user happy. Let me tell you more about the strong and weak points below.


Dell Inspiron i3052-1020BLK is not really a powerful computer, but for the money the processor is alright. It’s the Intel Celeron N3150, a quad-core chip with 1.6GHz clock speed and 2.1GHz turbo. Surely its CPU Mark score is just around 1500, but for basic applications like web browser that is everything you need.

The memory section could be better. You’ll only get 2GB RAM here; it’s enough for browsing and YouTube but running many programs simultaneously isn’t going to be a smooth sail. You can always upgrade the RAM by replacing the current stick with up to 8GB chip (just one SODIMM slot on the mainboard).

Storage isn’t wonderful either, it’s advertised as 32GB SSD but in reality it’s embedded MultiMediaCard, eMMC. It’s slower than a real solid-state drive but should operate faster than a platter hard drive. Anyway, you’re only getting ~20GB worth of storage after all the Windows installation files, so you’d better acquire external hard drive or cloud storage if you have a lot of files to store!

Is it good for gaming?

It’s not hard to guess that Dell Inspiron i3052-1020BLK isn’t a gaming-friendly computer. All the above components are not great for a player, but the worst thing is the missing dedicated graphics card. So it’s the integrated Intel HD Graphics (Braswell-based) engine that will be handling the graphics. It’s a weakling, for example heavy GTA 5 or Battlefield 4 would not run here. Examples of games that would work are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Go and Minecraft.

What peripherals can I plug in?

Dell Inspiron i3052-1020BLK doesn’t have the same selection of ports than regular desktops. For example, there’s just four USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0) which however are enough for the majority of folks I’d dare to say.

No video outputs/inputs are available, so if you want to plug in an extra monitor you need USB to HDMI adapter. Audio ports include one headset and line-out. Basic built-in speakers are included.

To connect the desktop to Internet you can use the Gigabit RJ-45 port in the back or the 1×1 802.11bgn Wireless + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter.

Even though it’s branded as All-in-One, this computer doesn’t have DVD drive. But you can always get an external one. The SD/MMC card reader can also be used.

What other things to keep in mind?

The computer has a 19.5″ display, it’s bigger than a notebook but smaller than a separate desktop monitor. Resolution is 1600×900, no 1920×1080 (Full HD), but I guess for casual users that goes. Touch is not supported on this particular model.

Wired keyboard and mouse are included as well.

There’s a webcam (1280×720 video resolution), you can chat with your buddies using that.


Dell Inspiron i3052-1020BLK is a computer that many users would call fast, and that is understandable: be it Google Chrome, YouTube, MS Office or another everyday application, the Dell will handle those no problem. But don’t think you can do everything here, for example gaming is something that’s best left for fancier desktops. If you’re fine with that, there’s nothing stopping you from getting this inexpensive and simple Dell!

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