Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK Review

February 12, 2015
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The touchscreen Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK is a true All-in-One machine. It can come handy for people who don’t bother buying monitor, system unit and keyboard separately. Instead, everything comes nicely in one package. Also the price of this desktop is surprisingly low. So is it good to be true, with some obvious but hidden disadvantages? Let’s see if we find any.


Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK can’t be dubbed as a very powerful computer. Its processor Intel Pentium N3530 is an entry-level one, with four cores and clock frequency varying between 2.16 and 2.58GHz. It gets a grade of ~2000 in CPU Mark tests, so there’s more performance than in the very low-end Celerons. For daily computing, including video streaming, Pentiums work well. If your activities consist mostly of heavy programs, you’d be better off with a faster processor.

The computer comes with 4GB DDR3 memory. It’s alright amount to start with, and you should be able to replace the installed chip for a 6GB one if you needed a little RAM boost.

The hard drive in this model is 500GB in storage, which is quite a common size for All-in-One desktops. The speed is, true to a budget machine, just 5400RPM so you can’t expect wonders from it. However, there’s enough space for thousands of photos and dozens of games for your convenience.

Display and graphics

So, Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK is a touchscreen. Like All-in-Ones usually are. The display is 19.5″ diagonal, so bigger than a laptop but smaller than an external PC display. Resolution is bit of a bummer, just 1600×900, while Full HD would offer better user experience. But considering the low price you can’t have top-notch components. The touchscreen anyways works well with Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and the display shouldn’t be bad for everyday use.

Definitely the worst thing about cheap computers is the gaming performance. They always skimp on graphics card, leaving your games at the mercy of slow integrated graphics chips. In this model, the unit is called Intel HD (Bay Trail). It doesn’t perform well, especially when you’re playing new games. Many 2013-2014 titles, including Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and The Evil Within would have just around 10 frames per second on low settings. With the lighter Minecraft, you should reach ~40FPS with settings turned minimum.


Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK contains three USB ports, but all of them are unfortunately USB 2.0 which is the slower type. The HDMI port is apparently input, so you can’t use this computer with any other display than its own. But what you can do is to plug some peripheral, such as a gaming console, to the desktop and play the console through this Dell’s screen.

Networking options include a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port, but there’s also a 802.11n WiFi adapter if you want to go wireless. A true All-in-One, Bluetooth 4.0 is likewise supported.

Did I just say true All-in-One. Well, if it really had everything in one package, there would also be an optical drive. But sadly, there’s not. If you want to use DVDs you’ll have to opt for an external drive. There’s also a Secure Digital card reader if you’re happy with memory cards.

The front-facing 1.0MP webcam and microphone can be used for Skype video and other similar software.

What other things to keep in mind?

The system unit and display are not everything the package includes. There’s also wireless Bluetooth optical mouse and keyboard so you can start using the desktop right away.

Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK doesn’t work like a tablet, so there’s no battery and it has to be plugged in to a power socket all times. However, the display should be a wall-mountable one, with VESA 100×100 holes.

There’s not much space for expansion: just 1 free Mini PCI-E slot inside. So you can’t add a dedicated graphics card in this model.


Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK is a cheap All-in-One, good for people who want a convenient desktop without the hassle of setting up and connecting all the wires. It has performance enough for simple tasks, like web browsing, MS Office and lightweight gaming. Bad things include some missing features, such as DVD drive and HDMI output. Main advantage is the good bang for your buck: you get a touch display, system unit and wireless input devices everything in one package.

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