Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV Laptop Review

February 26, 2016
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Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV might have caught your eye, and let me guess why. It’s a cheap model. And who wants to spend a lot of money when all you need is a very simple notebook. Well, this Dell seems to be like that, sporting an engine room filled with lightweight hardware. Let me introduce this laptop to you and tell if it’s too cheap to be useful…

So what is it good for?

Do you like browsing the web, watching a video off YouTube, perhaps write a paper for work or business with MS Office suite? For all that, Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV is good. It has the baseline performance what Intel Pentium N3700 processor can offer, but indeed the laptop can’t be called a very powerful one. The processor has four cores, but the clock speed is low 1.6GHz (although turbo takes it to 2.4GHz). Nonetheless, the CPU Mark score is rather low, ~1900, so don’t use this laptop for daily heavy work.

The computer features 4GB memory which is the minimum amount for 2016, as I’d like to call it. You can do all the aforementioned activities no problem. It could be integrated memory, in which case you can not add more than that, the 4GB being maximum.

Hard drive is not exciting here, you’ll get 500GB storage space which is fairly sufficient but the performance side of this drive might not cater to power users. Indeed, the spindle speed is only 5400RPM, which means that programs aren’t going to load up as quickly as on SSD that’s included in many laptops. But fear not, you are able to install one here too, but you’ll need to remove the HDD first.

Suppose it can be used for gaming as well?

No, not really. Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV is not a good tool for gaming. There is no dedicated graphics card, only Intel HD Graphics integrated on the Pentium processor. It’s a very weak engine, and I can outright say games such as Metal Gear Solid V or GTA 5 are not going to run here. Less demanding ones like Counter-Strike: Go will, but you might need to use conservative settings to get playable frame rates.

What ports and connections does it have?

There are enough ports in Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV to plug in a peripheral or two. Two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 connectors are available for common devices, and HDMI-out is there for hooking up an external monitor (only if you wish, it’s not a must).

The laptop is small so no optical drive is included. SD card reader is there, you can use that to slip in memory cards from digital cameras and such.

Quite good for this cheap laptop, the WiFi adapter supports dual-band AC standard and Bluetooth 4.0. There is no RJ-45 port, so if you want to connect to Internet via cable, get USB to RJ-45 adapter.

The notebook comes with a 720p webcam.

Other important things

Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV has a 11.6 inches touchscreen that is the famous convertible model. It turns 360 degrees, letting you use this computer as a laptop and tablet. Maximum resolution is 1366×768.

Battery is integrated type, it can’t be easily replaced. The specs are 43Whr and 3-cell, it will work for about 6 hours before a recharge is needed.

The keyboard is standard, it does not have backlight.

Operating system here is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Summing it up

Your wallet won’t get much lighter after getting Dell Inspiron i3000-10099SLV, that is for sure. The laptop is one of the cheapest ones currently available, and of course, the low price is also reflected in the selection of components: Pentium processor, 4GB RAM and an old-school hard drive. So the notebook is far from a powerhouse, but will get you through a day of web surfing, some videos and also light office work (spreadsheets & word processing). Gaming is best left for notebooks with better graphics performance. So if you’ve been looking for a basic laptop and don’t have too high expectations, this is your chance to get a decent one!

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