Dell Inspiron 3048 i3048-2286BLK Review

December 2, 2014
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What’s the reason for the popularity of All-in-One desktops? The convenience, I’d say. Getting just one package is enough to let you start using the computer – there’s no need to buy display or peripherals separately. One of the latest All-in-Ones is Dell Inspiron 3048 i3048-2286BLK with a touchscreen and Windows 8.1. Whether this desktop is a noteworthy choice for you will be discussed below!

The essentials

Starting with pure performance, the Dell Inspiron is powerful enough for all the daily workloads. Its processor is called Intel Pentium G3240T. It runs on two cores and 2.7GHz clockspeed. Pentiums are no powerhouses anymore, and moreover the T suffix means a low power consumption at the expense of performance. However, going for the faster Core i3 (or i5) series isn’t necessary if you’re looking for a desktop for everyday computing.

The system sports 4GB DDR3L RAM on one chip. According to the user manual, the computer supports up to 16GB memory on two SODIMM slots.

The storage is a common 500GB hard drive. Giving you plenty of space to work with, it runs on a mere 5400RPM speed – much less than what solid-state drives offer. However, a budget All-in-One is always more or less a compromise, and such a slow hard drive is still fine for home and home office use.

Dell Inspiron 3048 i3048-2286BLK has a 20″ touchscreen. It should work seamlessly with Windows 8.1’s (64-bit) touch features. The resolution is 1600×900 which might disappoint some for not being a Full HD.

Gaming performance in nutshell

The graphics of this Dell are handled by the Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) chip. A true entry-level engine, it offers just rudimentary performance, enough to have playable FPS on low end games. Minecraft and many sports games (Fifas, F1 etc.) would probably run flawlessly on it, especially on low settings, but for fancy titles like Thief and Assassin’s Creed IV you’d pretty much need a more capable and expensive rig.


All-in-Ones generally have good networking options. This Dell is no different, with both Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi adapters ready to connect you to Internet. Bluetooth 4.0 support is also there, no need to use USB dongles for that.

To connect peripherals to the desktop you can use four USB 2.0 (in the back) and two USB 3.0 ports (on the left). A HDMI output is also available, so you can plug the Dell to a larger HDTV if you find its own screen too small.

The desktop has a webcam with 0.92MP resolution for still image and 1280×720 at 30fps for video.

For additional storage and data transfer, you’ll find a DVD writer and media card reader (SD, SDXC, SDHC and MMC) installed on the system.


Dell Inspiron 3048 i3048-2286BLK is a solid All-in-One desktop in the 500 bucks price range. It is suitable for most uses, including home and office, although due to poor graphics chip serious gaming is out of its league. The touchscreen is one of the main selling points, but if you don’t care about it, you can also get this computer with a normal screen and save around 100 dollars. As it is, I’d recommend this Dell for those who can’t live without a touch display – the other version is definitely better for those who are fine with a normal screen.

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