Dell Inspiron 24 (i3455-4040BLK) Review

September 18, 2015
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Dell Inspiron 24 (i3455-4040BLK) looks like a convenient desktop: it includes a monitor as well, so you can just plug it into outlet and start using the system right away. At least the everyday programs will run fine, there are low-end components such as AMD A2 processor and 4GB memory making sure of that. But what else would the desktop offer to you, and is it worth its price tag or not? Keep reading and you’ll find our professional opinion about that below.

General performance

It’s not excellent performance Dell Inspiron 24 (i3455-4040BLK) is known for. The system is equipped with AMD E2-7110, a mobile quad-core processor of low 1.8GHz clock speed without turbo. The unit is quite a new one so benchmarkers haven’t yet tested it, but it’s rumored to be tad faster than the older AMD E2-6110 – which only gets ~1900 CPU Mark points. Indeed, the new AMD should have performance close to mobile Intel Core i3 processors from the 4th Generation. Not a great feat, so you can use this thing for web surfing including YouTube, but I’d leave demanding applications for faster CPUs, ideally AMD A10 or even Intel Core i5.

The RAM amount in this desktop is 4GB (DDR3L 1600MHz). In my opinion, it’s the minimum acceptable memory in 2015 – less would mean too laggy environment with multiple browser tabs, for example. The specifications reveal 8GB is the maximum RAM this system supports, you can achieve that by putting in a second 4GB stick, there’s a free slot for that.

The hard drive is a laptop-like 500GB 5400RPM (SATA 3) model. It’s not too big or fast, but for basic use there’s nothing it couldn’t do. However, I understand that many desire a faster computer, and it’s easily achievable with the storage drive upgrade. If you have some technical skills, you’re free to remove the default hard drive and slip in a badass SSD to increase the performance a big time.

Can it be used for gaming?

Dell Inspiron 24 (i3455-4040BLK) isn’t perfect for gaming. It’s not even good dare I say. These All-in-One desktops rarely have a dedicated graphics card, this Dell only sports a processor-integrated engine called Radeon R2. It’s a very weak unit, even the Intel HD 4000 engine beats it. You can say goodbye to all fancy 2015 titles like GTA 5 and the Witcher. Even Tomb Raider would be tough, reaching ~20FPS on low details and 1024×768 resolution. Only the older ones, such as World of Warcraft, will run flawlessly but will still require low to medium settings.

Is the display good?

Whether the display is good or not depends on who you ask from. If it’s a professional, he probably says no. But a home user is likely to find the 24″ Full HD IPS display very sufficient. A useful feature, it supports touch, and since the main components are installed in the screen part you can use the display as a huge tablet, without keyboard and mouse. It’s not very convenient given the size – and the unit needs to be plugged into power outlet at all times – but at least the possibility is there.


Dell Inspiron 24 (i3455-4040BLK) can be enhanced with several peripherals. You’re able to plug in four USB devices at the same time. Two of the ports are USB 3.0. If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the monitor you can always plug in a new one using the desktop’s HDMI output.

Thanks to the built-in optical drive you can burn and read DVDs with this unit. Also SD/MMC memory cards are supported, those are often found in portable devices like digital cameras.

Connecting this thing to Internet works just like a laptop, there’s a single band n-type Wireless card with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. 100Mbps Ethernet controller is also available if you prefer to plug in a network cable to the computer’s RJ-45 port.

The 720p webcam should be useful for chatting with your buddies, and if you don’t mind the resolution, also for recording videos and publishing them.

Another things to keep in mind?

Wireless keyboard and mouse are included.


Dell Inspiron 24 (i3455-4040BLK) is a desktop made with convenience, not so much performance, in mind. As stated above, putting it to use is just a matter of plugging the power cord in and powering the machine on. You’ll be able to surf the web, check emails and watch/record YouTube videos without issues here. But it would be unreasonable to get this kind of entry-level desktop for a professional working with, say, image editing or high-end programming. Also gaming would be a bad idea without better video card. If you’re fine with those limitations and are after a decent home desktop, spending your money on this Dell should be a smart move.

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