Dell Inspiron 24 AiO (i3455-1240BLK) Review

October 8, 2015
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Convenience, convenience, convenience. If that’s what you like (many people do), then All-in-One desktop might be very well worth your while. Because see, this Dell Inspiron i3455-1240BLK includes monitor, keyboard and mouse so you don’t need to worry getting anything separately. Also Windows 8.1 is pre-installed, and upgrade to Windows 10 for free is possible. But is the computer fast enough for you or would it simply lag too much? You might find some ideas below!

What programs does it support?

Any program that works on Windows can be installed on Dell Inspiron i3455-1240BLK, but the components inside dictate which software actually run without the system bogging down. The processor is AMD E2-7110, a quad-core unit with 1.8GHz clock rate. It’s slower than mobile i3 processor from the Intel side (the 4th Generation ones), so it’s mostly the basic software – like browser, video streaming and office applications – that run nicely on this computer.

It is a single 4GB DDR3L 1600Mhz RAM stick installed for the memory, and there’s a free slot in case you want to add more. The manual says maximum RAM is 8GB here. Storage drive is very unexciting 500GB 5400RPM (SATA 3) model, however AiO users aren’t often interested in brilliant performance and enormous storage capacity. But if you are, nothing is stopping you from replacing it with a solid-state drive. Just keep in mind there’s only place for one 2.5″ drive inside, no mSATA slots are available.

Are there many games that run too?

To be honest, not many games would run fluently on Dell Inspiron i3455-1240BLK. You have to understand it’s quite a cheap system, so the components inside are not top notch. Especially the graphics engine is weak, it’s just integrated Radeon R2, slower than even Intel HD 4000. For example, Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Witcher 3 would be just too much for it. However, Counter-Strike: Go will work alright at ~30FPS if you keep settings medium. Minecraft and League of Legends I’d imagine would be playable as well.

I don’t think a dedicated graphics card would fit in, so you’ll have to do with the integrated engine.

How is the display?

It’s a 23.8″ anti-glare monitor in Dell Inspiron i3455-1240BLK, about the same size than a regular desktop display you buy separately. Resolution is of course 1920×1080, the panel type is IPS which means professionals like it, as colors and viewing angles should be good. Touch is not supported.

Can I enhance the computer with peripherals?

Feel free to connect a set of peripherals to Dell Inspiron i3455-1240BLK. For starters, it features two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, and also HDMI-out connector is present in case you want to plug in a secondary monitor. Tray load DVD burner is there as well, and the memory card reader works with SD and MMC type cards.

This thing connects to Internet via Dell’s WiFi (N-type) adapter that also supports Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, you can find a basic 100Mbps Ethernet controller (RJ-45 port) on the back.

The screen bezel houses a 1280×720 webcam, you’ll be able to use that for Skype video or even recording a film or two.


The absolute best thing in Dell Inspiron i3455-1240BLK is the price. Heck, it even costs less than a laptop, but you’ll get basic level performance with a beautiful desktop screen (+ working keyboard and mouse) here. Of course, the components are not up for very demanding applications, but the usual web surfing, Microsoft Office and YouTube stuff are no problem for this machine. Another thing you should know about is the gaming performance, this rig can run some games if you keep eye candy at bay – that’s because of the weak integrated graphics engine. If you accept these realities, this Dell should surprise you in a positive way.

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