Dell Inspiron 17 (i5759-4129BLK) Review

October 16, 2015
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Dell Inspiron 17 (i5759-4129BLK) might be a good alternative for your desktop: it has a 17.3 inches display, not a tiny one found in ultrabooks that are more for on-the-go computing. Processor is brand new, 6th Generation Core i5, quite exciting if you ask me. But there are also some drawbacks in this large laptop – I’ll let you know more about them below!

What are the strong points in this computer?

I’d say the processor is one of the better things in Dell Inspiron 17 (i5759-4129BLK). It’s a new Skylake-based (= 6th generation) Intel Core i5-6200U. The dual-core unit is clocked between 2.3GHz and 2.8GHz, the latter achievable with the turbo boost. The i5-6200U gets a grade of ~3800 in CPU Mark, not so much more compared to the older i5-200U with 3500 points. However, these i5s – no matter which generation – are good processors in case you want to run some heavier programs on your computer, for example applications from Adobe family, even video editing.

The storage drive choice is neither a pro or a con, because the 1TB hard drive with 5400RPM spindle speed has its uses. You can store a generous collection of files there – for example, around two hundred thousand high quality photographs. Of course, the performance suffers using that kind of slow drive; if you want to fix that, remove it and put a quicker solid-state drive inside. SATA 3 (2.5″) units work with this laptop.

RAM is plenty, that must be said. You’ll get 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory installed. I can’t say for sure whether it comes on two or one sticks, but I’d expect one 8GB stick. In any case, two SODIMM slots are available on the mainboard, so the most memory would be 16GB.

How about the drawbacks?

Well, one obvious drawback in Dell Inspiron 17 (i5759-4129BLK) would be the gaming performance, a quick look at the specifications reveals that. The Intel HD 520 is the graphics engine you’re getting, it’s very new one and rumored to be about as powerful as Intel HD 5500 – not much to begin with. You can get playable 20-30 frames per second with many 2015 games, including the famous Grand Theft Auto 5, but you really need to tune down the settings and use 1366×768 resolution. On the other hand, if the game you fancy has simpler graphics – like CS: Go – you can get top FPS even with higher details and resolution.

The screen, well it’s a 17.3″ display but only has 1600×900 resolution. It can work if you’re not too demanding user, but most professionals settle for nothing less than Full HD. Touch is also not supported here.

Am I able to connect a peripheral X?

If you have USB device, connecting it won’t be a problem – Dell Inspiron 17 (i5759-4129BLK) sports three USB ports, although only one of those is USB 3.0. Also, if you have HD television and would like to use the laptop through that, just plug the TV to this computer’s HDMI-out port and you’re good to go.

A standard tray load DVD burner is installed, in addition SD card slot can be found on the left hand side. Internet connectivity is brought by A/C dual-band WiFi card (with Bluetooth 4.0 support). Also RJ-45 seems to be there, connecting to Internet via wire is possible.

There’s a 1280×720 webcam for you, good for Skype chats or even shooting a video or two.

Miscellaneous things

A 17.3″ laptop is obviously a heavy one, this one weighing 6.22 pounds. It’s not a perfect choice if you need to travel with the computer. The integrated 4-cell 40Whr battery also contributes to poor portability, I don’t think you will get more than four hours out of that.

Keyboard is backlit and 10-key pad is installed on the right hand side.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit is the operating system.

Summing it up

Dell Inspiron 17 (i5759-4129BLK) seems to be a good laptop for rather heavyweight use. There’s a Skylake-based Core i5 processor with upgraded performance, also 8GB system memory won’t hurt when multitasking or running those resource-intensive programs. Serious gaming isn’t recommended due to the lack of a real graphics card. Some nice little features, such as backlit keyboard, are present. It’s a decent buy for the price, not exceptional value but probably something a home user, even professional, would appreciate.

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