Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV Review

February 25, 2015
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Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV is a laptop in the mid-range price category, offering a Core i5 processor and plenty of storage space for professionals. One of its distinctive features is also the 17.3″ display size which can be useful for entertainment use. But there must also be something bad about this laptop, right? We’ll see about that below.


The processor of Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV is called Intel Core i5-5200U. Those who’re knowledgeable about these things can see it’s a brand new, 5th generation CPU released just a couple of months ago. It has a base speed of 2.2GHz, although turbo boost will up the clock frequency to 2.7GHz. Core amount is two. It’s quite a strong performer, beating many older Core i5s, so those who demand high performance should be happy with it.

The laptop comes with 8GB memory installed. That’s double from what many notebooks have, so the memory won’t become an issue to you. However, there’s only one SODIMM slot on the mainboard in total and it supports a maximum 8GB chip, so more RAM can’t be added.

There’s a 1000GB hard drive responsible for storing your files. A lot of space can be expected at the expense of operating speeds. The rate is only 5400RPM which is nothing to celebrate about. In case you want very quick system and application startup times you might want to put an SSD in and take the hard drive out.

Display and graphics

The screen of Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV is 17.3″ diagonal which is bigger than most laptops (15.6″). The 1600×900 resolution is not quite on par with the size, so you’re left out of Full HD support. The screen is not a touch display either, but I don’t see that as an issue. Windows 8.1 works perfectly fine without one.

Graphics are handled by an integrated engine called Intel HD 5500. According to some benchmarks, it’s almost as fast as the older HD 4600 unit. Latest games will run at around 20FPS on low settings. Battlefield 3/4 probably reach ~30 frame rates while older games like Minecraft get much more.


Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV has three USB ports in total. One of them is USB 3.0 which you should primarily use for faster transfer rates. A HDMI output is also available, so you can use the laptop through a HDTV or PC display.

A 10/100Mbps Ethernet port and 802.11b/g/n wireless adapter are installed for Internet. Specifications also indicate Bluetooth 4.0 support.

DVD drive is included in this model, which is not a self-evident thing these days anymore. SD media card reader is there, too.

Webcam is the usual found in Dell laptops, offering 0.92MP still image resolution and 1280×720 for video.

What other things to keep in mind?

Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV weighs 6.6 pounds which is an appropriate amount for notebook this big. For portability it’s obviously not that good. The battery life or specifications are not listed, but I’d expect 3-4 hours operating time.

As far as I know, the keyboard on this model is not backlit. However it has a 10-key pad on the right hand side, good if you need frequent access to number keys.


New Core i5 processor, a lot of RAM, big hard drive and solid networking. That’s what many people are looking from their laptops. The question is whether it’s worth your money. And with the case of Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-3333SLV, perhaps. If you’re happy with a smaller 15.6″ (yet Full HD) screen, this Acer offers better value. If it’s a 17.3″ display you indeed want, going for this Dell should work fine.

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