Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series (i5749-4445SLV) Review

April 22, 2015
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People after a 17″ laptop are often looking for performance rather than portability. Also, price is an important factor, and it’s hard to figure out which model out of hundreds gives the best bang for your buck. In this review, we’ll tell you more about one of them. It’s called Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-4445SLV, a laptop featuring high-end Core i7 CPU and a terabyte hard drive. Read on to see if it’s a recommended choice for you!


I can’t think of many cases where the dual-core i7-5500U processor wouldn’t be enough. It offers a 2.4GHz base speed, although turbo will up the speed by 25% to 3.0GHz. Furthermore, the i7-5500U is supposed to be around 10 percent faster than the older Core i7-4500U. All programs, including those heavy on the system, would operate smoothly on this processor. Gamers shouldn’t feel alone either. The integrated HD 5500 graphics engine isn’t so bad, and I’ll elaborate that more below.

Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-4445SLV has 8GB RAM, a nice amount indeed. However, only one memory module is installed to the mainboard (and it’s obviously taken), so you can’t add more memory. This might be an obstacle for some people with very, very demanding software, but 99% of users are more than happy with the eight gigabytes.

A hard drive with terabyte storage is a lot. On average, you could put data equal to 200 DVDs there. Or a hundred thousand high quality photos or pieces of music, if you want. There’s of course a flipside to this huge size: the speed. This hard drive runs on 5400RPM which might feel slow if you’ve already got your hands on the fast solid-state drives. If so, feel free to remove the hard drive and put in an SSD.

Display and graphics

At 17.3″, Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-4445SLV is rather big laptop. Not really a traveler’s dream, such a size is useful for multimedia use. The 1600×900 resolution might not please everybody, especially for this high price. Touch isn’t supported, something to keep in mind if you were planning to explore new features in Windows 8.1

The Intel HD 5500 is a new integrated graphics unit, beating most older chips such as the HD 4400. It’s up to today’s standards, the majority of games are playable but only on low details. For example, with eye candy turned low, Battlefield 4 should get 30 frames per second. Games like StarCraft 2 and Tomb Raider would work with higher settings and resolution. Some lightweight titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive runs on neat +30FPS even on high details.


Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-4445SLV has three USB ports, but unlike many other recent Dells, just one of them is USB 3.0. The rest suffer from slower USB 2.0 speed. The left side houses a HDMI output, so feel free to connect an HDTV to this unit.

Networking consists of a 100Mbps RJ-45 port and 802.11b/g/n (not A/C dual-band) wireless. Bluetooth 4.0 is tied to the WiFi card.

The built-in DVD burner is a treat for many, especially when many notebooks don’t feature it anymore. SD card reader is installed as well, so you can upload photos from digital cameras easily.

The 720p webcam will take care of your video chatting needs.

What else to keep in mind?

As said before, Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-4445SLV is quite a bulky computer. It weighs 6.6 pounds, not really contributing to great portability, but that’s how 17 inchers always are. There seems to be a removable 4-cell battery in this model, giving you the usual four hours running time on a single charge.

Keys are backlit on this laptop. A 10-key pad is installed on the right hand side, too.


There are certainly many positive things about Dell Inspiron 17 i5749-4445SLV. First, the performance is solid with the new Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM (which however can’t be upgraded). Second, the terabyte hard drive means storage will never be a problem, but for extra speed, an SSD must be installed. Playing games is not an issue if you don’t mind low settings. Connections are rather basic, having just one USB 3.0 port and regular b/g/n WiFi doesn’t earn any extra points to the laptop. For the current price the unit is not an excellent deal, but catching it on a small discount would make this Dell a good buy.

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