Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV Laptop Review

December 9, 2015
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Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV is one of the faster notebooks with an affordable price, and isn’t that something that makes a notebook desirable? There’s a Core i5 processor and plenty of RAM to give you a feel of a powerful laptop. But surely there are also some bad things speaking against getting this computer…

The good

Solid processing power – While the laptop doesn’t boast a latest i7 processor, it has the next best option available: Intel Core i5-5250U from 2015’s 5th generation line, featuring a 1.6GHz clock speed with 2.7GHz turbo and dual-core setup. It’s quite a speedy one for a notebook processor, receiving over 3600 CPU Mark score. Both heavyweight and basic applications will run smooth as far as the CPU is concerned.

A lot of memory – Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV has 8GB memory installed, and thanks to the motherboard featuring two memory slots the maximum RAM is a whopping 16 gigabytes. Even the default 8GB is a lot, you shouldn’t need to worry about lagging here.

No bloatware – This version is a so called Signature Edition, meaning there is no bloatware installed. The system will thus boot up and operate faster than a laptop filled with pre-installed 3rd party programs.

Nice screen – You’ll find the 15.6″ display features 1920×1080 resolution. A 10-finger touch support is also present (although I don’t know how useful that will be with Windows 10’s improved usability).

Backlit keyboard – Work in the dark easily.

The neutral

Average port selection – Nothing special in this department. There are the usual three USB ports (of which one is USB 3.0), HDMI-out and 100Mbps RJ-45 adapter. WiFi supports A/C standard and Bluetooth 4.0.

DVD burner included – Some need it, some don’t. You can also use the built-in SD card slot if you want.

Decent webcam – The front-facing camera supports 720p video resolution, it’s enough to shoot some YouTube videos, for example.

The bad

Slow hard drive – Yep, there is just 1TB 5400RPM hard drive in Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV. You can surely save all the data in the world there, but the data won’t be fetched (or put there) quickly. If you want to install SSD you need to remove the hard drive first, there are no free bays or M.2 slots.

Low end graphics – This only concerns you if you’re a gamer. The graphics engine is Intel HD 6000, an integrated unit. If you’re into fancy games like Grand Theft Auto 5 it will be a bit disappointing since you can only use conservative resolution and low/medium settings and FPS will still be between 20-30. Truth be told, easier on the system games like CS: Go will still run smooth and nice.

It’s a bit heavy – Like some people pointed out, the Dell isn’t a very lightweight option. It weighs 5.7 pounds which is tad more than these 15.6″ inch models often are, which is exactly 5 pounds.

Don’t believe in the advertised battery life – The listed battery life for the 4-cell 40Whr unit is up to 7 hours, but in reality it’s going to be closer to four.

Summing it up

The best things about Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV lie in the engine room. There’s plenty of power in this rig, and dealing with any kind of software should be pain-free with the i5 CPU and 8GB memory. But the hard drive isn’t going to help much if it’s fast performance you’re after, in that case you need to do the SSD swap. Also, the notebook is rather heavy, so don’t plan to get it if you want a traveling buddy! Otherwise, it can work as a solid desktop replacement.

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