Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK) Review

July 1, 2015
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Basic laptops always sell well. Many users don’t have the need for bells and whistles, thus they pay less for their computers. Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK) is such a simple notebook, with entry level Pentium processor and 4GB RAM. It’s not a lot, but this kind of set up should take a home user far. But are there some obvious drawbacks here? Perhaps, read on to find out more…

Is the laptop fast enough?

It’s the Intel Pentium N3540 processor that is in charge of running Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK). The CPU features two cores, a 2.16GHz base speed and 2.66GHz burst frequency. In CPU Mark the chip receives ~1750 points, placing it right between Celerons and Core i3s. The processor TDP, thermal design power, is 7.5W so the unit is a low voltage model. No daily software is too much for it, problems would only arise if you tried to throw very complex applications or heavy Windows games at it.

The notebook has one SODIMM slot, occupied by a 4GB single-channel DDR3L (1600MHz) memory chip. It is swappable for a 6GB or 8GB stick if you want a memory boost. Storage-wise, the laptop offers a traditional 500GB hard drive (5400RPM) on the SATA 3 Gbps interface. The drive can be changed as well, you can put in a 2.5″ solid-state drive if you want.

How’s the display?

Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK) has a 15.6″ display with no touch support. The resolution is 1366×768, not exceptional, but understandable for this price. Refresh rate is the usual 60hz. Operating angle is between 0 and 135 degrees, meaning the laptop can’t be used as a tablet.

Do many games run on it?

There are some games that work on this Dell. Its integrated graphics card is called Intel HD (Bay Trail) and titles such as Trackmania, Sims 4 and any browser-based game run fine. Higher-end ones, such as GTA 5 or Battlefield 4 will have too low FPS to call it playable. And you can’t install a dedicated graphics engine here so you’ll have to deal with the current one.

What peripherals can I plug in?

Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK) accepts three USB peripherals at a time, there are one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports in it. Television or computer monitor can also be plugged to the notebook’s HDMI output.

You’ll get connected to Internet either through the WiFi (802.11 AC) or RJ-45 port (100Mbps). Bluetooth works, too.

The laptop has a tray-load DVD burner. Hence, you need no external drives with this one. SD card slot is featured as well.

If you want to (video) chat with your friends you can do so with the built-in 720p webcam and microphone.

Anything else to keep in mind?

The manual says Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK) weighs 4.94 pounds. That’s not much if you compare to other 15.6″ models, traveling with this notebook works alright. The integrated 4-cell 40Whr battery should be good for ~4 hours non-taxing use.

The keys don’t light up on this model. A 10-key pad is available on the keyboard’s right hand side.


It’s the home or office folks who would most benefit from Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK). Its simple Pentium CPU runs basic programs such as MS Office, web browser and even HD streaming services fine. But what it doesn’t run so well are fancier games, so if you want to play you’d better be prepared to pay more. But as it is, this laptop has everything a non demanding user needs. It’s a recommended choice for lightweight use for sure!

One thought on “Dell Inspiron 15 (i5551-1667BLK) Review

  1. Steve Rolick

    Had another laptop from gateway and it went down. Had warranty left on it and warranty service gave me a gift card so decided to get this Dell laptop. Don’t need anything fancy or great and believe this will do the trick


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