Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series i5558-6435SLV Review

August 26, 2015
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There are times when only a powerful notebook can do the job. For example, if you want to edit big images or even videos, budget laptop running on Celeron processor is not going to work. Instead, you need something beefier, for example something like Dell Inspiron 15 (i5558-6435SLV). It’s a Windows 10 powered notebook with i7 processor, 8GB system memory and a terabyte hard drive storage. Screen offers a Full HD resolution. Whether the laptop is worth its price or not will be discussed below…

What things can I do with it?

In Dell Inspiron 15 (i5558-6435SLV), there’s enough performance to run most programs I’d dare to say. The laptop runs on the Intel Core i7-5500U processor, a proper dual-core 2.4GHz chip with 3.0GHz turbo boost. It’s a very decent processor for power users, getting a nice ~4000 points in CPU Mark (for example, i5s tend to receive around 3500). That being said, you can save some money if you go for the i5 version of this laptop, the difference will be rather small.

The laptop contains eight gigabytes of memory (DDR3L 1600MHz one). That is installed on two 4GB sticks. The maximum memory this system takes is 16GB, that you can achieve by taking out the current sticks and putting 8GB ones in place. But that’s just for your information, I don’t know a single person who’d really benefit from going above 8GB total RAM.

Dell Inspiron 15 (i5558-6435SLV) has a humongous 1TB hard drive, ready to store all the files, big or small, you might have – for example, closer to 200 DVD movies. Another thing you want to know is the 5400RPM spinning rate. That is a bit outdated technology, with more and more solid-state drives being installed to speed up computers a big time. If you also want a performance upgrade, consider replacing the HDD with a SATA 2.5″ solid-state drive.

Can I also play games?

You’ll be able to fire up and play many games with Dell Inspiron 15 (i5558-6435SLV). But the essential question is, what will your frame rate be? And with what settings? The notebook features an integrated Intel HD 5500 chip, so gaming performance isn’t really excellent. Here’s some idea what you can expect:

– GTA 5, 720p and medium, 20-25FPS
– League of Legends, 1080p and medium, ~40FPS
– Counter-Strike: Go, 720p and high, ~50FPS

So the Dell is not wonderful for games, but as you can see, particularly older titles run fine here. Also newer ones work if you don’t mind slight choppiness and less eye candy.

How good is the display?

The laptop has a 15.6″ Full HD display. Watching high quality 1080p videos will work without problems, also some easier-on-the-system games run on 1920×1080. Touch is supported, however Windows 10 should be intuitive with trackpad and keyboard. Maximum operating angle is 135 degrees, so no tablet mode here.

What devices can I plug in?

Dell Inspiron 15 (i5558-6435SLV) accepts the usual peripherals: three simultaneous USB devices (one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0) and an external monitor to the HDMI output. Also discs can be put in, the notebook comes with a tray-load DVD burner. SD cards can be used with the internal memory card reader.

For networking, the laptop offers a 10/100Mbps RJ-45 LAN port and a 802.11AC WiFi adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

A 720p front-facing webcam is available, good for keeping in touch with your friends using Skype.

Other relevant things to keep in mind?

The unit weighs 5.4 lbs, pretty much the same than its 15.6-inch competitors. The laptop has a 4-cell 40Whr removable battery, there are not many user reports available yet, but 4 hours operating time would be a good estimate.

The computer features backlit keys, also numeric keypad is available on the right side.

Closing thoughts

Dell Inspiron 15 (i5558-6435SLV) is a smart pick if you’re a power user who can appreciate all the bells and whistles the laptop offers. Not everybody can put the powerful components like i7 processor and 8GB RAM to good use, but for those who can (indeed the professionals with demanding applications), the notebook should offer decent value. Full HD screen will always be useful, especially if you’re into photo editing or just like having more screen estate at your disposal. If these things excite you, a heavy-duty computer like this Dell should be your laptop of choice.

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