Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV) Review

August 14, 2015
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Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV) is one of the new laptops released in mid-2015 by the famous American laptop company. Its most essential things include a 14″ touch display, Core i3 CPU and 4GB system memory. The operating system is Windows 8.1, and free upgrade to Windows 10 will be available later. Let’s see what other features the notebook includes, and if it’s worthwhile choice or just a bad apple.


Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV) relies on Intel Core i3-4005U, a 2014 dual-core processor of 1.7GHz clock frequency without turbo. The chip gets a low ~2500 CPU Mark points, placing it in the entry level processor category (for example, new mobile Core i5s get 3500 and more). It’s perfect unit for web surfing and streaming services, but it lacks advanced performance required for heavy-duty applications, VirtualBox or 3D modeling to name some.

The default memory in this laptop is 4GB (DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM). That’s not much, to be honest it seems quite poor for this price. However, there’s a free memory slot in the system meaning that you can upgrade the RAM yourself. 16GB is the maximum this computer takes.

The laptop includes an impressive 1024GB hard drive. That is, impressive in size, you’re unlikely to ever fill the terabyte with data. However, as it’s just a 5400RPM drive you will not get any speed benefits. To broaden the bandwidth, in another words to make Windows and programs load faster, you can take the drive out and install an SSD. Any 2.5 inch SATA 3 solid-state drive should work here.

Display and screen

At 14 inches, Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV) is a bit more compact notebook than the popular 15.6 inch ones. The display has usual 1366×768 resolution that should do the job for home use but many special work, like image editing, is best left for 1920×1080 displays. The touch support is a nice feature, particularly if you’re keen on finding out new ways to operate Windows 8.1.


Like in the majority of 14-inch notebooks, also Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV) features three USB ports – two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 to be precise. You can plug in a variety of peripherals to those, including keyboard, mouse and BluRay drive. Also HD television can be connected, for that you’ll use the HDMI output on the left hand side.

Despite being a small laptop there’s a DVD burner installed in the machine. Also SD card slot is there, you can use that with devices utilizing memory cards (like modern cameras).

Dell seems to have included an upgraded wireless adapter to their new notebooks. This model features 802.11ac adapter and as far as I remember, the older ones had slower n-type WiFi cards. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported too. A 100Mbps RJ-45 port is included as well if you prefer Internet connection with cable.

With this notebook you can also have video chats on programs like Skype, the system has a built-in HD webcam.

Any other things to keep in mind?

There’s a 40Whr 4-cell battery in Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV). No information is available from real life tests yet, but it’s expected to last the usual 4 hours if you’re browsing the web or writing a paper. Thankfully, it’s also a removable one, so you can easily change it if you want.

The laptop is only tad lighter than a 15.6 inch one (4.8 vs ~5 pounds). However, the smaller 14″ screen means somewhat better portability. Keep this in mind, students and travelers.

The keyboard doesn’t light up and there’s no numeric keypad available.

Summing it up

Dell Inspiron 14 (i5458-4000SLV) is a proper notebook for people not requiring a whole lot of performance. The Core i3 processor and 4GB are enough for basic use: applications such as online streaming services, lightweight games and MS Office all work here, but advanced stuff like Photoshop and triple A games from 2015 are best left for more powerful notebooks. The 14-inch screen setup is better for on-the-go people than a bigger 15 incher, although the difference is not that great. Keep your expectations in check – this affordable laptop has no top-notch performance or premium features – and you should find this system good enough for your needs.

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