Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV) Review

October 14, 2015
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It’s a lot of things Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV) seems to be good for. To begin with, there’s a large 13.3″ Full HD touch display that turns all the way to a tablet mode. Moreover, there’s a brand new 6th Generation Core i3 processor inside, although 4GB RAM and conventional hard drive are rather un-exciting. In addition, price is very affordable. Indeed, this Dell seems to be very good… there must be something bad about it, right?

What are the advantages of this laptop?

The biggest advantage of Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV) could be the processing power. See, there’s a new processor architecture Skylake (6th Generation) to which the Intel Core i3-6100U, the processor in this laptop, belongs. It’s a dual-core model with 2.3GHz clock rate, there’s no turbo available. Hardly any benchmarks exist yet, but it’s rumored to be closer to some 4th Generation i5s – for example, the i5-4200U that reaches ~3300 points in CPU Mark. If the new i3-6100U reaches the same, it’s indeed a great achievement for mobile i3. For most purposes this new processor is good; it should even cater to power users with programs of higher system requirement than a mere web browser.

Other things “under the hood” aren’t that interesting: 4GB RAM is installed, the motherboard houses just one SODIMM slot so 8GB would be the maximum here. Storage drive belongs to the “mechanical” family, it’s a 1024GB 5400RPM hard drive plugged in to a SATA 3 interface. It’s not a bad investment to switch it to SSD if you care more about performance than huge storage (SSDs are fast but only around 128GB or 256GB big while hard drives are slow but huge, like the current 1024GB).

The 13.3″ display should be very useful, in that it rotates 360 degrees. It’s a modern trend to have laptop and tablet in one physical machine and that’s exactly what you’re getting here. Resolution isn’t excellent, just 1366×768, but for this compact screen it works fine in my opinion. Panel type seems to be IPS, contributing to wide viewing angles (about 160 degrees with this screen).

And the disadvantages?

Well, the common disadvantage among these cheaper systems is the graphics performance. Not often gamers find joy in an inexpensive notebook, for example Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV) offers only an integrated graphics card called Intel HD 520. True, it’s a brand new unit, part of the 6th Generation i3 processor, but the fact it’s still integrated engine can’t be changed. In terms of performance it’s said to be roughly similar to Intel HD 5500, so you need to keep settings in the low-medium range to get 20-30FPS with games featuring fancy graphics (such as the popular Grand Theft Auto 5). Of course, titles designed for older computers, like Counter-Strike: Go will reach better frame rates even with full to maximum eye candy.

What devices can be plugged in?

It’s three USB devices you can connect to Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV), the laptop has three USB 3.0 ports available. Furthermore, hooking up a television won’t be a problem, also the ordinary HDMI-out is installed on the system.

Unsurprisingly, DVD drive isn’t available here, but you can carry a lightweight external optical drive in case you need to work with discs. The built-in SD card slot is also an option in case you’re an active user of memory cards.

Intel’s dual-band AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter takes care of your wireless networking needs. There’s no RJ-45 port available, but with USB dongle you can have that too.

If you feel chatty or want to film for YouTube you can use the notebook’s 1280×720 webcam for that.

Miscellaneous things

Battery life on the 43WHr 3-cell unit isn’t available, but something like 5-6 hours should be a good estimate. Don’t forget it’s an integrated battery; you’ll need to remove the laptop bottom to get access to that.

Weight of this computer is 3.66 pounds, not bad for somebody looking for a traveling-friendly laptop.

A nice little feature, the keyboard is backlit on this model.


Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV) offers something for everybody. It has the multifunction 13.3″ screen, so both laptop and tablet folks can enjoy. But the best things can be found in the engine room: there’s a powerful Core i3 processor there, with enough RAM (4GB) to keep most things running smoothly. The 1TB hard drive is nice, but I can’t fully see the logic behind it – putting a smaller but faster SSD would’ve made this laptop a real killer. As good as the notebook looks, one obvious disadvantage is the gaming performance, you can’t call this a real gaming laptop because of the Intel HD Graphics. Otherwise, it’s pretty good value for the money. If you’re not a hardcore gamer, I certainly recommend this Dell for home and power users alike.

2 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 13 (i7359-1952SLV) Review

  1. Nathan Nawrocki

    Hows this laptop work with OneNote, how is the stylus?

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      A stylus is included, and there’s also a slot somewhere on the unit where you can put the pen. Hope this helps.


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