Dell Inspiron 13 5000 i5368-7643GRY Laptop Review

November 24, 2016
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Should Dell Inspiron 13 5000 i5368-7643GRY be your go-to convertible notebook? There are some things that speak for this, such as the good rating from users and decent performance with i5 processor and solid-state drive. But a smart person fully familiarizes himself with the notebook before buying it. So read on!

How fast is it?

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 i5368-7643GRY is pretty fast, at least for a compact-sized 2-in-1. Starting with the processor, you’ll find the popular Intel Core i5-6200U running the show. Its most interesting specifications are 6th generation technology, dual-core configuration, 2.3GHz clock frequency and 2.8GHz turbo boost. With these specs it attains a ~4000 points in CPU Mark, a pretty decent score that I’d call suitable even for power users. Examples of programs this processor (and whole system) can take include Adobe Photoshop and VirtualBox.

Memory gets a green light from me, the system includes 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 RAM which is nice and decent amount. And because there are two SODIMM slots on the mainboard you are welcome to install up to 16GB memory on this machine.

The storage is provided by a 256GB solid-state drive, installed to SATA 3 interface. It can be upgraded if you want to, however I don’t know how demanding a task it is on this particular computer.

Do games run as well?

I must admit Dell Inspiron 13 5000 i5368-7643GRY is not gaming friendly, at least if you like new games with maximum eye candy on. There’s only the integrated Intel HD 520 chip taking care of the graphics. It’s rather slow. Surely an easy-on-the-system game like Sims 4 or World of Warcraft run even with high settings, but try that with newer titles and you’ll be disappointed. Expect GTA 5 to run at ~30FPS when using low settings and 720p resolution. Similar frame rates can be found in Battlefield 4 with medium settings.

Ports and connections

There are enough ports to get you started I’d say. At your disposal are three USB connectors, one is USB 2.0 and two are USB 3.0. Another port you’ll find useful is the HDMI output, plugging a PC display to that is possible.

The wireless adapter is pretty decent, it supporting 802.11ac standard and Bluetooth. The notebook skimped on RJ-45 port, but if you want networking with cable you can use USB to RJ-45 adapter no problem.

A compact notebook like this does not include DVD drive. However, what it includes is SD card reader for memory cards.

Miscellaneous and important things

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 i5368-7643GRY has a 2-in-1 screen, it rotates 360 degrees, allowing for laptop and tablet modes. The 13.3″ display supports 1920×1080 resolution which is good, sharp image quality should be present. Viewing angles are 160 degrees. There’s a webcam installed which can film up to 720p at 30FPS video.

The battery is integrated and users said it lasts up to 8 hours if brightness is low and use lightweight, such as web surfing.

The keyboard includes backlight.


With 3.4 pounds weight and 0.7″ thickness this Dell Inspiron 13 5000 i5368-7643GRY is a real portable laptop. Add the 2-in-1 functionality to mix and you don’t have the headache of carrying both notebook and tablet as separate devices with you! The engine room is rather well equipped with the 6th generation Core i5 processor and SSD, components that should suffice for power users as well. As also the battery life is great with this unit, I see only good reasons to recommend it for all the on-the-go people out there!

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