Dell i5758-5714SLV Review

September 15, 2015
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It’s often a good idea to pick pricier laptop if you’re either A) power user or B) gamer. When you shell out more money, you’ll get a computer that won’t slow down with heavier programs. Dell i5758-5714SLV might be like that, after all there’s Core i5 processor with 8GB making sure the system runs as smoothly as possible. Another noteworthy feature would be Full HD screen; not a bad thing for many professionals at all. But what other components there are under the hood, and would this laptop be a recommended choice for you?

General performance

Like many of the more powerful laptops in 2015, also Dell i5758-5714SLV is equipped with Intel Core i5-5200U processor. That dual core chip in question has quite an impressive spec sheet: 2.2GHz base speed with turbo frequency up to 2.7GHz. If you look at the benchmarks, you’ll notice it is ~20% faster than a popular Kaveri-based processor from the AMD side, the A10-7300. The rumors are, and more importantly most users say, that the i5-5200U is good choice for applications requiring more from the system than a mere web browser.

The Dell laptop features 8GB system memory. As I suspected, the configuration is two 4GB sticks. This is to keep the costs down, but downside is that upgrading the RAM requires removing one or two of the installed modules. Sixteen gigabytes is most this computer takes, and to be honest I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea for a casual user to go for that much RAM.

This computer has not yet stepped into SSD world: the storage consists of a terabyte (5400RPM) hard drive. The specifications list tells me the interface type is SATA 3 (2.5″ size), so if you wanted a performance boost, there’s nothing stopping you from finding a similar solid-state drive and putting it in.

Screen and graphics

If I had to pick one advantage in Dell i5758-5714SLV it’d be the display. The 17.3″ screen has 1920×1080 resolution which is undoubtedly one of the most sought after features in laptops these days. You’ll be able to use such a display for entertainment purposes as well as more serious stuff, like digital arts and photo editing. The display does support touch, and there’s another version of this laptop that doesn’t have touch and is cheaper – but the resolution is only 1600×900.

It’s not entirely a bad idea to play games with this computer. But there are limitations for sure, and the graphics engine is to blame. The Intel HD 5500 is little chipset integrated to the processor, not really capable of providing a lot of eye candy and high resolutions for many newer (especially demanding) games. You’ll be able to fire up GTA 5, but to get 20-30FPS you’d have to keep medium settings and 720p resolution – not the “default” Full HD this screen supports. Some games that would run fine on 1080p include League of Legends and perhaps CS: Go.


So you want to enhance your Dell i5758-5714SLV with some peripherals? You’ll be able to plug in a mouse, a mobile broadband modem or other USB gadget to the three USB ports this notebook has. Just remember only one of them is USB 3.0. Connecting monitor is entirely possible as well, the laptop sports a full-sized HDMI output.

Good news for all the DVD lovers, the Dell has a built-in tray load DVD burner. Another way you can move data to the machine is the SD card slot, that’s good for devices like digital cameras.

Networking seems rather effortless, there’s A/C Wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 card inside the laptop. If cable is your thing, the 10/100Mbps RJ-45 connector can also be used.

In case you like to socialize through digital means you’ll be happy to know there’s a 720p webcam available in the notebook.

Other important things

Are you wondering how’s the portability of Dell i5758-5714SLV? Not that great, just like with every 17.3″ laptop. The unit’s weight is 7.36 pounds, more than double the lightweight subnotebooks are. Moreover, I don’t think the common 4-cell 40Whr battery will last very long. Four hours is my guess, and because it’s integrated, replacing the battery will be a tough process.

The backlit keyboard with dedicated numpad will help those who operate the laptop in dark.


Dell i5758-5714SLV is a classic power user laptop: a beefy processor, plenty of RAM and a large hard drive are things that shouldn’t let professionals down. I must also give points for the 1080p display, I personally like that – especially when the screen size is large 17.3 inches. However, one of the disadvantages would be gaming: despite the higher price, a graphics engine is nothing more than a processor-integrated Intel HD unit. If you are fine with that, there are not many things stopping you from getting this Dell in my opinion.

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