Dell i5568-7477GRY 2-in-1 Laptop Review

July 28, 2016
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An expensive 2-in-1 laptop will give you a device of many functions and high performance. Indeed, a notebook like Dell i5568-7477GRY contains a nice set of components like Core i7 processor and a real solid-state drive. On the other hand, this whole thing costs two times your average laptop so you shouldn’t rush with buying it…

The good

For certain you won’t run out of performance with this one. Dell i5568-7477GRY is equipped with Intel Core i7-6500U processor, a fast dual-core low-voltage unit of 2.5GHz clock speed and 3.1GHz turbo. It’s one of the best notebooks processors in terms of performance, and when you add 16GB DDR4 memory (already capped) to the mix, there are no programs I can think of that would lag on this system.

It’s also a great thing that storage drive is a 256GB SATA 3 SSD. It’s not going to break because you hit or drop the notebook like a regular hard drive might break. Of course, such SSD is also much, much faster than those HDDs which will manifest as an overall increased system performance.

The idea of this Dell is to work in two ways: laptop and tablet. Yes, the 15.6″ touch display has a special hinge that rotates 360 degrees (regular laptops’ hinge stop at ~180 degrees). Hence, when you lay the screen flat you have a tablet at your disposal. Also the 1920×1080 resolution support is something you’ll like, especially if movie watching is a hobby of yours. A 720p webcam is included, you can use that for Skype video chatting.

The bad

Dell i5568-7477GRY won’t be a gamer’s dream because it lacks dedicated graphics. You’re stuck with the integrated Intel HD 520 which will run many games however not with great frame rates or high settings. For example, many people like GTA 5, you’d need low-medium settings and 720p resolution to get around 30 frames per second out of it. Not very good but alright for some. Fortunately, older games like WoW and Minecraft will run considerably better.

Some other things you should know about?

There’s a non-removable 3-cell 42Whr battery installed in Dell i5568-7477GRY. I would expect 6 hours operating time on a single charge.

There is no DVD drive in this laptop, but 3-in-1 media card reader that works with SD formats is available.

You’ll find a couple of ports in this Dell. In total three USBs are there, two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0. The video connection is brought by HDMI, you can connect PC display to that. There’s no RJ-45 jack for networking cable but you can use the WiFi adapter (supports 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0).

Backlit keyboard is available.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


Dell i5568-7477GRY is a tool for power users with software like video editors and programming environments ready to run. Surely this laptop will take care of all those heavyweight applications, but it will still struggle with games because it lacks a real graphics card. The two-in-one functionality is a big deal: if you want a powerful laptop and tablet in one package and are ready to pay for it, I’d recommend taking a look at this Dell!

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