Dell i5559-1350SLV Laptop Review

June 30, 2016
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Dell i5559-1350SLV is one of the better selling laptops in 2016 – the reasons for popularity range from decent performance to affordable price. There is indeed some good oomph under the hood thanks to the 6th generation Intel processor, but surely it takes more than that to build a great laptop…

So, how’s the performance?

Dell i5559-1350SLV is equipped with Intel Core i3-6100U, a 6th generation processor of dual-core setup and 2.3GHz clock frequency (no turbo there). It’s a decent unit for day-to-day computing, including videos and low-end games. The popular benchmark called CPU Mark gives it ~3500 points, you can compare that to Celerons (beginner processors) that get ca. 1000 points in the same test.

The memory amount is 6 gigabytes, that’s installed on 4GB and 2GB sticks. Maximum RAM would be 16GB (DDR3L only), attainable with two 8GB sticks. The current 6GB is enough for most users so don’t rush with the memory upgrade.

The storage section comprises of an unexciting spinning hard disk, the size is 1TB and speed 5400RPM. You don’t have the danger of running out of space, but of course the performance is always questionable with these hard drives. To overcome this, you can upgrade to SSD – just keep in mind there are no extra slots or M.2 on the motherboard.

Any good for gaming?

Unfortunately, this computer doesn’t work wonders for gaming. There is no dedicated graphics card installed, just the processor-integrated Intel HD 520. A working example includes Counter-Strike: Go which would get +60FPS on high settings, although high-end ones such as Fallout 4 would be rather unplayable even on low settings (FPS below 20).

How about ports and connections?

Dell i5559-1350SLV features a set of USB connectors (one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0) to attach different kinds of devices, like a printer. There’s also HDMI output so you can hook up a HD television or PC monitor.

People keep saying there’s no RJ-45 port in this laptop, but there surely is, a 10/100Mbps one – official specifications confirm this. In addition, a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi adapter is installed. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, too.

This model comes with a DVD burner and SD card slot, so transferring data between the computer and discs/media cards is effortless.

Other interesting things and benefits

I don’t see anything special about the display of Dell i5559-1350SLV. It’s the cookie-cutter 15.6″ diagonal with basic 1366×768 resolution. It’s not a touch supported screen. The display has a webcam embedded on top, supporting 720p resolution for video.

Remember that on this exact model, the keyboard is a non-backlit one.

The battery is removable, that’s a good thing. You can expect the 4-cell 40Whr unit last around 4 hours (web surfing & other lightweight use) before a recharge is required.


It’s clear why the Dell i5559-1350SLV has been a popular choice lately. The laptop is capable of dealing with any software a home user might have, or even occasional power user work, thanks to the new Core i3 processor and 6GB RAM (a slight upgrade from the usual 4 GB indeed). Gaming performance is not good, but considering the price it is understandable. In short, the Dell is a solid home/office laptop at a great price point – do take a closer look at it!

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