Dell i5368-4071GRY Notebook Review

November 25, 2016
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I can see that 2-in-1 notebooks are in high demand. This is understandable, because who wouldn’t want the convenience of having two devices in one, saving you some money and space. A good example of such laptop is Dell i5368-4071GRY, it’s been pretty popular lately and the engine room seems to have some decent components. But don’t get it before you’ve checked out my professional opinion on it…

General performance

A popular notebook processor can be found in Dell i5368-4071GRY. It’s the dual-core Intel Core i5-6200U, a 2.3GHz processor whose turbo takes it up to 2.8GHz when need arises. As you can imagine, it’s on a different level than those Celerons and Pentiums, with the i5 having enough oomph for power users, easily. It gets a respectable ~4000 CPU Mark score.

The memory doesn’t earn any extra points, there is 4GB RAM installed, the DDR4 2133MHz type. It could be better, yet home users will find this four gigabytes sufficient. And don’t forget that you can upgrade it to 16GB, says the manual. The motherboard has two memory slots all in all.

The storage drive on this is 128GB solid-state drive. It seems to be a 2.5″ SATA 3 unit, not M.2. Anyway it will be faster than regular hard drives and upgrading the SSD is likewise possible.

How does this notebook work for gaming?

I must tell you, this Dell isn’t your best pick gaming-wise. It’s only equipped with the integrated graphics card, called Intel HD 520. It’s useful for graphics editing and lightweight games like League of Legends or Dota 2. You can try heavier games also but be prepared to receive not too good frame rates. For example, GTA 5 would get ~30FPS on low settings and 720p resolution, Battlefield 4 bit better than that.

What ports and connections does the computer offer?

It’s not bad connectivity you get on Dell i5368-4071GRY considering its smallish size. The highlights include:

* HDMI output. Useful if you want to connect another monitor like PC screen or HDTV to this.
* Three USB ports. One USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. For your printers, external mouses, drives etc.
* Built-in dual-band WiFi AC card. Good for fast wireless networking. Also supports Bluetooth 4.0.
* SD card reader. To transfer files from digital cameras etc.

Keep in mind the notebook doesn’t include RJ-45 port. You can not connect it to Internet via cable unless you get USB to RJ-45 dongle.

Another thing the laptop does not have is DVD burner. Luckily, cheap external drives exist, they cost 30 dollars and will be plugged to laptop’s USB port.

What other things you should know about?

You will not be disappointed with the screen of Dell i5368-4071GRY I presume. It offers you a 13.3″ diagonal with 1920×1080 resolution support, this means that everything on the screen will look darn sharp. The IPS touch display flips 360 degrees, so it works as a tablet for sure. There is one camera, a front-facing one, it can capture 720p video with a maximum of 30 frames per second.

The battery is integrated in the unit, it’s tough to replace. It has 42Whr 3-cell specs and will lend power for around 8 hours before recharge is needed.

This model contains a backlit keyboard.


Dell i5368-4071GRY seems to be a wonderful piece of 2-in-1 laptop technology. It has got the main components down, or what do you think about the performance Core i5 processor and SSD can offer? Likewise, display with Full HD resolution and tablet functionality is useful. The only downside of this rig would be the gaming performance. But if you don’t care about that, then you only have a good reason to grab the Dell!

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