Dell i5368-10024GRY Laptop Review

July 29, 2016
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Often if you want a 2-in-1 laptop you can surely find many – but the performance of those systems can be a bit low. Well, Dell i5368-10024GRY is not that kind of machine – it’s equipped with darn powerful processor and a solid-state drive. But the unit is also priced accordingly so the question is whether it’s a good buy or just too expensive thing…

The good

The essential trio of components (CPU, RAM, storage) is excellent in Dell i5368-10024GRY. Starting with the first one, you’ll get Intel’s ULV flagship, the Core i7-6500U featuring two cores, 2.5Ghz base clock speed with 3.1Ghz turbo boost. That’s as good as a processor gets in a 2-in-1 laptop, but also the memory is fine 8GB DDR4-type (2133MHz) RAM. It’s installed on a single stick and one slot is unoccupied, so you can even upgrade to 16GB.

The 256GB SATA 3 solid-state drive storage makes this notebook a snappy one! It helps with booting up the system in seconds, and also all the applications will load in no time (faster than on a HDD). In addition, the drive here is far more durable than HDD. A win-win situation, pretty much.

The 13.3 inches touch display features 1080p resolution, that will most likely give you crystal clear image and watching videos & movies is enjoyable. And of course, don’t forget the 360 degree hinge which means the unit is both laptop and tablet! A webcam is included too, you can take video as it supports up to 720p resolution.

The bad

All the gamers, hear this! Dell i5368-10024GRY can be many things but a player’s laptop it is not. See, the graphics are commanded by an integrated chip named Intel HD 520, and I can tell you it’s nothing compared to real dedicated cards. To give you an example, if you wanted to play Fallout 4 you’d most likely be disappointed with less than 20FPS on low settings and 720p resolution. Using similar settings GTA 5 would give tad more (but still not great) 25FPS. Things like Minecraft and World of Warcraft run fine on this computer.

Other things you probably find interesting

Dell i5368-10024GRY comes with a non-removable 4-cell 56Whr battery. I couldn’t see any user reports mentioning the operating time, it’s safe to assume the battery lasts 4 hours under web surfing.

To connect a couple of peripherals or devices to the laptop is easy, it has one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports for that. For connecting HD television or PC display you’ll be able to use the HDMI output.

DVD burner is rarely found in 2-in-1 laptops, this Dell is not an exception. Media card reader is still there, you can slip in SD, SDHC and SDXC cards.

You can use the dual-band 802.11ac WiFi adapter to get Internet access as RJ-45 port isn’t included.

Backlit keyboard is available.


The selling points of Dell i5368-10024GRY are the rotating screen and powerful components. I’m sure there are not many programs that would lag on this rig, there’s plenty of oomph for web browsers as well as for image editors – just many games would be a bit problematic. Basic connectivity is also present so you can connect devices or bigger display. So, there is a reason to get this Dell: if you want a tablet and laptop in one high-performance package!

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