Dell i3168-3270RED Laptop Review

July 1, 2016
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So you want a 2-in-1 laptop with decent performance and affordable price tag? That’s easier said than done… often these convertible models aren’t the fastest computers in the bunch. But how about Dell i3168-3270RED, does this 2-in-1 offer decent performance and multi-functionality for a demanding user?

Performance in nutshell

Dell i3168-3270RED features Intel Pentium N3710, a new processor released in 2016. It runs on a four-core setup, 1.6GHz clock speed and 2.6GHz turbo. The maximum TDP (Thermal Design Power) is 6W so it’s a real low-voltage unit, good on the battery life. However, performance suffers, indeed the CPU Mark gives this processor only 1300 points. That’s not much better than older Celerons had, so expect this notebook work only for non-demanding activities such as word processing or web surfing.

Other important components include 4GB DDR3L memory (one stick), in the specifications it’s listed as the maximum RAM. The storage section consists of a slightly disappointing 500GB 5400RPM hard drive – a blast from the past – which you can however upgrade to SSD if you know how.

Can it be used for gaming?

Unfortunately, Dell i3168-3270RED offers very little for the gamers. Such a small and cheap notebook does not have a dedicated graphics card of any sort, just the processor-integrated Intel HD 405. It’s quite a new chip (the whole processor is), so benchmarks haven’t tested the HD 405 yet. But you can expect very low-end performance, with only games like Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Go running on low presets (you can say goodbye to demanding titles like Fallout 4 here).

What ports and connections does the unit have?

Dell i3168-3270RED comes with USB ports (two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0) to accommodate your peripherals. The HDMI-output can be used to hook up an extra monitor or HD television.

There’s just a wireless networking adapter (802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0) installed. No RJ-45 port is available but with USB adapter you can get that, as well.

Because it’s a small laptop, the Dell doesn’t have an internal optical drive. However, card reader for microSD(HC/XC) is included.

Other important things and benefits

The screen is small indeed, just 11.6 inches diagonal, with basic-level 1366×768 resolution. Obviously, the display supports touch and has a 360-degree hinge. The screen part stays attached to the lower part at all times. Camera is in the usual top-center position, with 720p resolution support for video.

At 32Whr and 2 cells, the integrated battery is rather lightweight. Users have been reporting 5-6 hours operating time.

There is no backlit keyboard on this unit, just a regular one.


The problem of having a laptop and tablet in one device has been long solved; Dell i3168-3270RED is one solution to the issue. Its screen rotates 360 degrees, turning the ordinary notebook to a rather capable tablet. The performance is enough for common activities such as web browsing and YouTube, however this inexpensive package won’t be good for gaming or heavyweight work. So if a small laptop that doubles as a tablet interests you, I can recommend checking this Dell out!

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