Dell i3052-3020BLK All-in-One Desktop Review

January 28, 2016
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An affordable All-in-One desktop, what could be better choice for a casual home user? You’ll get everything in one package: the actual computer, screen, keyboard and mouse, and it doesn’t cost a lot. At a glance, it looks like Dell i3052-3020BLK is exactly like that. But perhaps a closer examination will reveal something else…

Does it run programs without problems?

I can’t say Dell i3052-3020BLK is a very fast computer. The processor is Intel Celeron N3150 which clocks at 1.6GHz and turbo feature has 2.1GHz speed. Four cores are available, but that doesn’t help a lot since Celerons are the slowest processor family of Intel’s. Indeed, CPU Mark score is just ~1500 – for example, modern Core i3s get around 3000 points. So, you can run a web browser, YouTube and all office applications here, but complex software is best left for faster processors.

The computer has one SODIMM slot for memory and there’s a 4GB stick installed in it. It should be enough for light home use, but perhaps some people want to upgrade it. You can put up to 8GB module in that slot, so eight gigabytes is the maximum memory this computer takes.

Storage is brought to you by a 500GB 5400RPM (2.5″, SATA 3) hard drive. Sufficient for basic applications and file storing, it’s far from the performance of a solid-state drive. I’m sure a tech-savvy person could still swap it for an SSD, though.

Is it good for gaming?

The worst thing you can use Dell i3052-3020BLK for is gaming. The biggest issue is the lack of a dedicated graphics card; just a chip called Intel HD Graphics is integrated on the Celeron processor. So games like GTA 5 and Battlefield 4 are not really playable. However, casual games like Counter-Stike: Go, Sims 4 and Minecraft are; you can even try to to play them with some extra eye candy turned on.

There’s no way of adding a dedicated graphics card so you’ll have to do with the integrated unit.

What ports does it have?

Dell i3052-3020BLK includes ports for extra devices like printers, there are two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports available for that. But remember, there are no video ports so you can not plug extra monitors here.

Audio ports include one headset and line-out.

The computer has a DVD writer, hence you can read and burn CDs and DVDs. You can also slip in memory cards, there’s SD/MMC card slot installed.

Accessing Internet is easy, Gigabit RJ-45 (LAN) port and 802.11bgn WiFi adapter are available. Bluetooth works, too.

The desktop features a built-in webcam, resolution is 1280×720 for video.

Other important things

The touchscreen has 19.5″ diagonal so it’s a bit smaller than a separate desktop monitor however bigger than a laptop. The maximum resolution is 1600×900. It can’t be really used as a laptop because of the size, and because all the components are installed in the case behind so the unit is pretty heavy too.

Wireless keyboard and mouse are also included.

The pre-installed operating system is Windows 10 Home, 64-bit.


It should be a good idea to get Dell i3052-3020BLK for homes or offices. All those basic programs the computer can surely handle fine, and you can also connect peripherals like printers and scanners (however no extra displays). The computer has everything you need to get started, just plug it in and you are good to go. Just don’t use the Dell for heavy gaming and you’ll most likely be happy with it!

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