CybertronPC Unleashed-G9 Gaming Desktop Review

March 25, 2016
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An affordable gaming desktop, that surely sounds good but is it just an oxymoron? Well, CybertronPC Unleashed-G9 tries to prove the thing is real: it’s a desktop with liquid-cooled AMD quad-core processor and GeForce GTX960 graphics card. These are components that players should surely appreciate. But is there a catch because the price is so cheap? We’ll see soon…

How well would games run?

It’s not a surprise CybertronPC Unleashed-G9 rules for gaming. You must understand the graphics card is GeForce GTX 960, one of the fastest engines meant for hardcore gamers. It includes 2GB dedicated GDDR5 memory. That is sweet for sure, but the most important aspects are the FPS and settings you’ll get. Well let me tell you that GTA 5, one of the most popular games still in 2016, will run at a smooth 60FPS on high settings and Full HD resolution. Another example, you will get ca. 35FPS out of The Witcher 3 with similar settings.

You can of course replace the card; just bear in mind there is no second PCI-e x16 slot so no dual card setup is supported.

Other components under the hood

CybertronPC Unleashed-G9 features a speedy AMD FX-4130 processor. It has most interesting specs of 3.8GHz clock speed, 3.9GHz turbo frequency and core number of four. The unit manages to get around 4200 points in CPU Mark tests – it’s not a great score considering some expensive gaming laptops get double of that, but CPU is not the most important component for gamers anyway. So you should be good with it, and for any kinds of software the AMD is surely enough.

The default memory on this desktop is eight gigabytes. It seems to be installed on one chip, which leaves the other memory slot free – meaning you can upgrade the memory to 16GB if you want to. Not that it’s required; 8GB offers plenty of oomph for gamers and power users alike.

It’s a Toshiba 1TB 7200RPM hard drive you will get for storage. If it’s not enough for you (1 terabyte is a lot, around 200 DVDs!) feel free to put more drives: there are many free 3.5″ and 2.5″ bays inside. That means even a solid-state drive can be put in.

What ports and connections are available?

CybertronPC Unleashed-G9 has a set of ports ready for connecting your devices. To begin with, nine USB connectors are at your disposal: five are USB 2.0 and four are USB 3.0. Video outputs are plenty as well: one DVI, one HDMI and three DisplayPorts mean that you can plug in many monitors, even a three-monitor setup should be supported.

The desktop for sure includes an optical drive, you can slip in CDs and DVDs – although BluRays wouldn’t be supported. I don’t see a memory card reader there; however a simple USB adapter would help with that.

You’ll be able to connect this desktop to Internet via the Gigabit RJ-45 port, but WiFi is not included – you can buy a wireless dongle for that.

Miscellaneous yet important things

CybertronPC Unleashed-G9 doesn’t include a monitor, so you must budget money for that. But optical mouse and keyboard are included, that is a small but good thing.

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is the operating system.

Summing it up

Let me tell you, the price of this CybertronPC isn’t that bad: you’re getting a full-blown gaming machine that will run most (or all) games at full settings. The thing is, it’s still not a self-assembled one, so you’re not getting exactly the components you want. But I must say, not everybody wants to build his computer in the first place – it takes some effort and time. So, if you’re serious about gaming, and don’t want to build your own machine, then I’d recommend getting CybertronPC Unleashed-G9.

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