CybertronPC Trooper-X68 Gaming Desktop Review

March 29, 2016
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One of the most sought-after thing in the world of computers is a budget gaming desktop. Gaming is a beloved hobby for many, but at the same, there is this problem with money – computers meant for gaming tend to cost an arm and leg. Well, CybertronPC tries to make it different and is offering a low-cost gaming desktop called CybertronPC Trooper-X68. Let me introduce you to that system below!

Is so cheap desktop good for gaming?

I wish I could tell you this computer is an excellent companion for gamer, but it really isn’t! See, the graphics engine is Radeon HD 8370D and it sadly is an integrated one. And in G3D benchmark it gets around 430 points, the same than the older & infamous Intel HD 4000. So, smooth frame rates won’t happen with many games. For example GTA 5 will run at ~20 frames per second with low resolution and settings – you will notice the choppiness. Luckily the situation is better if you’re into less-demanding ones, I’m speaking about games like League of Legends and Sims 4 here.

The good thing, there is an available PCI-e x16 slot on the motherboard, allowing you to install a dedicated graphics card in. Just remember the PSU is a 350W one; might be you need to replace that too if you’re planning to put in a very power-hungry (= high performance) card.

How about for general use?

Well, CybertronPC Trooper-X68 surely works for things like browsing the web, writing documents and watching videos. There is a dual-core processor AMD A4-6300 powering the system (3.7GHz clock speed and 3.9GHz turbo). Just know the CPU Mark score is rather low, just ~2200, so a power user wouldn’t get much out of it.

The memory is installed on one 4GB DDR3-1600 stick. I’d recommend more for gaming and heavier use. There is one free slot that allows you to put more RAM easily.

You’ll get 1TB hard drive for storage. With the spindle speed of 7200RPM it’s slower than solid-state drives. On the other hand, the actual storage space is second to none: you can think of the 1TB as data amount equal to ~200 DVDs. There are two free 3.5″ bays so you could install SSD at least with an adapter.

What ports and connections are included?

You can enhance CybertronPC Trooper-X68 with many peripherals. It has six USB ports all in all, the distribution is two USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0. The selection of video outputs is limited to VGA and HDMI, however two monitors at the same time are supported. Audio ports seem to include microphone, headphone, line-out and line-in ports.

The desktop of course includes a DVD burner through which you can install games.

You can connect this thing to Internet with the Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port. Unfortunately, there is no built-in WiFi card but you can install one inside or use a simple USB dongle.

Memory card reader doesn’t seem to be available either, however they sell inexpensive, external readers that connect to a USB port.

Other interesting things

You’ll get keyboard and mouse with this CybertronPC, but monitor you must buy separately.

Operating system is the best, Windows 10 (64-bit).


CybertronPC Trooper-X68 is, by definition, a gaming desktop, but obviously it’s far from the real gaming computers with hefty price tags. Now, you’re getting entry-level performance with Radeon HD 8370D card which sadly can be compared to low-level integrated graphics engines. This means that many games do run, but only a handful with plenty of eye candy on. This is not what many hardcore gamers are seeking, but some casual players might find this enough. So, if you don’t mind playing with minimum settings, I guess choosing this inexpensive CybertronPC would be justified.

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