CybertronPC Titanium-1080X Gaming Desktop Review

January 3, 2017
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The thing about CybertronPC Titanium-1080X is, it looks excellent and its spec sheet is all about high-end components. But you’re still not sure about its worth to you. Indeed, such a less known manufacturer could mostly produce duds for all we know. But this review helps you to decide if this desktop is the real deal for gamers or not…

How good is this for gaming?

Well, the premise is that CybertronPC Titanium-1080X was made for gaming. The graphics engine choice is excellent, the GeForce GTX 1080. It is, as you might recall, is the Nvidia’s latest brainchild and the fastest graphics card there currently is. Generally, all games will run smooth even on 4K resolution. Here are some examples, using High or Ultra settings and 3840×2160 resolution:

– GTA 5, +80FPS
– Battlefield 4, +80FPS
– The Witcher 3, +50FPS
– Doom, +60FPS

I’ve heard that SLI is not supported, however the mainboard has a free PCI-e x16 if you want to install extra card there. But given the superiority of GTX 1080 I don’t think that’s necessary for many!

And other components?

You see, this CybertronPC Titanium-1080X desktop is filled with bleeding edge technology. To begin with the most important one, the processor, you’ll get the excellent Intel Core i7-6700K. The powerhouse runs on four cores and 4.0GHz clock speed. There’s also turbo however it only increases the clock speed a little, to 4.2GHz. Nonetheless, there are very few processors that surpass the performance of i7-6700K – it gets an insanely high 11000 points in CPU Mark test!

The computer’s memory is all good, the 16GB DDR4 RAM is enough for power users and gamers alike. I see it comes on two 8GB Crucial 2133MHz DDR4 sticks. But, because CybertronPC Titanium-1080X is a premium desktop, there’s always room for upgrade: you will find two empty memory slots inside, with the maximum RAM being 64 gigabytes (nobody really needs that much though!).

The storage side of things is rather uninteresting, there being only a 1TB 7200RPM Toshiba hard drive. Some people have been asking about the possibility to put in SSD, and to that I can answer affirmatively. You see, there are three free bays for extra drives inside, and some of them can even occupy 2.5″ units. So installing solid-state drive is effortless here!

Does it have enough ports and connections?

You can choose from the eight USB 3.0/3.1 ports when it’s time to plug in your devices. So yeah, there are plenty of those, accommodating your external drives etc. should not be problematic. And the good thing is, none of those USB ports are the slower version 2.0, all support the 3.0 or even 3.1!

Inside is Gigabit Ethernet controller with RJ-45 port in the back panel. It’s all you could ask when it comes to wired networking. However, this desktop doesn’t sadly have wireless or Bluetooth support by default. You’ll either need to install PCI-e card inside (two free slots) or perhaps use a simple USB to WiFi dongle.

Plenty of connectors for monitors are present. There is one HDMI-out, one DVI and three DisplayPort ports for you. At least three simultaneous monitors can be plugged in!

Included is DVD burner for those who still want to use discs.

Are there other important things to know about this desktop?

You might guess this already, but CybertronPC Titanium-1080X does not come with a monitor. So you must factor that in to costs if you need to buy a display. But wired keyboard and mouse are shipped with this desktop.

The cooling is fan-based on this system, however some other CybertronPCs have liquid cooling.

The computer seems to have a 600W PSU. For the GTX1080 card, minimum recommended PSU is 500W so the current one is well within the limits. However, if you’re putting in a lot of extra stuff, like more drives, it might be a good idea to replace the power supply too!


CybertronPC Titanium-1080X surely is one of the best desktops a gamer can get. It has no issues whatsoever running and keeping smooth frame rates – you must know the GTX 1080 graphics card can not be beaten! If we are talking purely software use the desktop works for that too as there is Core i7 processor installed. Expansion slots are plenty too. I don’t honestly find much to criticize other than the price. This is not a tool for the budget-minded. But if you’re not short on money and want a solid gaming rig, look no further!

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