CybertronPC Shockwave X6-7500 Gaming Desktop Review

June 8, 2016
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Let me tell you a couple of quick facts about the CybertronPC Shockwave X6-7500 desktop. It’s a PC meant for gaming, boasting things like AMD FX-6300 processor and GTX 750 card for graphics. It sounds like a package that could satisfy players’ needs, so lets take a closer look at it…

How are its gaming capabilities?

CybertronPC Shockwave X6-7500 comes with a dedicated graphics card, the GeForce GTX 750 with 1GB GDDR5 memory. It’s one of the mid-range gaming cards, capable of running any game (as of 2016), even many demanding ones on high settings should do fine. Grand Theft Auto 5 on such a setup will get ~50FPS, and Fallout 4 on low-to-medium settings (and 1080p) will get 40-50 frames per second. Games like CS: Go will run smooth no matter what settings you want to use.

What about other components?

CybertronPC Shockwave X6-7500 features AMD FX-6300 processor, a less known model. It operates on six cores, 3.5GHz clock speed and a turbo of 4.1GHz. The average CPU Mark score for this unit is around 6300, in comparison top notch Core i7s get around 8000. All in all, the AMD is a heavyweight chip, allowing you to run any kind of software on this rig.

The desktop’s memory is 16GB (DDR3 1600MHz), and it’s maxed out. Two 8GB sticks are installed inside.

The storage section consists of a hybrid hard drive, with 1TB 7200RPM hard drive and 8GB solid-state drive cache part. Now it’s not a bad drive, just keep in mind it’s not as fast as a real SSD. In addition, you can’t put data yourself on the SSD cache part, the system will dictate what will be put there. You can install more drives in the computer, there are several free 3.5″ and 2.5″ slots inside (even two unoccupied 5.25″ slots for that matter).

What ports and connections does it include?

CybertronPC Shockwave X6-7500 seems to include eight USB ports (four USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0), that is plenty even for a person with many peripherals. The video output selection is exotic: two DVI and one mini-HDMI. You can use HDMI to mini-HDMI cable, don’t worry.

The only networking adapter is the Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) one. Wireless is not available by default; but feel free to use USB-WiFi dongle.

The desktop is equipped with a 24X DVD burner; you can use discs here. It doesn’t look like a media card reader is installed.

Other important features and benefits

The power supply is rated at 450W.

The desktop ships with USB keyboard and mouse – no monitor is included.


A gamer might very well like CybertronPC Shockwave X6-7500. It has a proper graphics card and other components in check, so frame rates will be favorable on many games. The newest ones with ultra settings might not run smooth; although you can’t expect everything for this price – premium gaming desktops are more expensive. If you’re fine with this kind of a computer, and want a decent tool for your hobby, considering picking this (rather) affordable CybertronPC!

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