CybertronPC Patriot TGM1293H Gaming Desktop Review

January 11, 2016
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CybertronPC Patriot TGM1293H, it’s a desktop that is affordable AND promises to run games at the same time. If this is true it’s excellent news: gaming computers cost a lot, every time. But might be it’s too good to be true; I’ll tell you my views on that below.


The reason why CybertronPC Patriot TGM1293H is so cheap is the graphics engine selection. Despite it’s called a player’s desktop there’s no player’s graphics card inside. Instead, you’ll get Radeon HD 7480D. It’s integrated on the processor and has about the same performance than older integrated chips from the Intel line, like the HD 4000. It’s not a good thing for gamers, for example newer titles like GTA 5 will only give ca. 20 frames per second if settings are normal and 720p resolution. Older games luckily work better; you can even try to play Counter-Strike: Go on high details.


AMD A4-5300 is the processor, it offers you two cores, a clock speed of 3.4GHz and turbo of 3.7GHz. Despite these high numbers, the average CPU Mark is only a measly 2000 points. That’s lower than many basic laptop processors used to get, but the explanation is the age of this processor: it’s from 2012/2013. Not a great companion for gamers for sure, but less-demanding games should run on it.

The computer is equipped with 8GB memory. As far as I know, it comes on a single stick which leaves the other socket on mainboard free. Thus, upgrading the RAM is possible if you know what you’re doing.

To keep the costs down, the manufacturer put a basic hard drive on CybertronPC Patriot TGM1293H. It’s a 1TB 7200RPM drive, not very fast (but big in storage space for sure). If you want to up the performance of this rig a big time, consider installing an SSD. There are free 3.5″ bays inside for that.

What connections does it have?

In total eight USB ports are at your disposal, enough to get gaming mouse/keyboard plugged. Four of those are USB 3.0 and other four USB 2.0. And for connecting a monitor you can use either the HDMI or VGA output on the back (dual display is supported too).

This specific model comes with a WiFi (802.11n) adapter so you don’t need to install one yourself. A gigabit RJ-45 port is offered as well.

Feel free to install your games and software from the discs, the front panel sports a DVD burner. Media card reader is not available.

Other important things you should know

Operating system of CybertronPC Patriot TGM1293H is the excellent Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

The 450W PSU can take a dedicated graphics card (even GeForce GTX960 should work). There’s also free PCI-e x16 slot for that.

Keyboard and mouse are included, but monitor is not.


Frankly, I wouldn’t call CybertronPC Patriot TGM1293H a full-blown gaming desktop. It has the performance of a regular laptop, so out of the box you won’t run demanding games from 2015 and 2016. However, you can spice the desktop up with a dedicated graphics card, after that it will become a “certified” gaming computer. If you’re OK with that, spending your money on this budget desktop should be a good idea.

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