CybertronPC Hellion-Z17 TGMHELZ170025BL Desktop Review

January 21, 2016
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CybertronPC Hellion-Z17 TGMHELZ170025BL could be a gift for gamers: the desktop is quite inexpensive considering what it contains. There’s a fast Core i5 processor, 8GB memory and a dedicated Radeon card for starters. But the real question is, is this computer really something players could benefit from, or is it just too slow for enjoyable gaming experiences?

So what games does it run?

CybertronPC Hellion-Z17 TGMHELZ170025BL has a mid-range gaming graphics card, it is the AMD Radeon R7 360 OC that has 2GB dedicated GDDR5 memory. Comparing it to others, the Radeon is bit slower than GeForce GTX 750 Ti – the G3D Mark for this Radeon is ~3200. In real life, you can expect ~50FPS with GTA 5 played using high details and 1080p resolution. Another example, you could play Battlefield 4 using same settings and get +50 frames per second.

So yeah, it’s a pretty good card, and don’t forget you can always change it. There is actually one free PCI-E x16 slot, so two graphics card are supported via Crossfire. The power supply wattage is 500W.

General performance

There’s an excellent processor living inside the
CybertronPC Hellion-Z17 TGMHELZ170025BL. It is the Intel Core i5-6600K, a quad-core model from 2015. Clock speed is 3.5GHz and turbo 3.9GHz. It’s in the high end category of processors, the CPU Mark score it receives is around 7800. You don’t have to worry about processing performance being slow here.

The computer includes 8GB memory (the DDR4-2133) type. It looks like two memory slots are taken by 4GB sticks, but there are two free slots for an upgrade. The maximum RAM you can go for is 64 gigabytes, that is possible with four 16GB sticks.

The storage drive doesn’t get any extra points from me. It’s a 1TB hard drive (7200RPM) and I know many prefer a solid-state drive. But the good thing is, there are in total 6 internal 3.5″ bays which you can use to add in extra drives or even SSD (for that you probably need an adapter, though).

What ports and connections does the unit have?

In total, the CybertronPC Hellion-Z17 TGMHELZ170025BL features eight USB ports – two USB 2.0 and six USB 3.0. The video output selection is great: one DisplayPort, one VGA, two DVI and two HDMI (so two monitors work simultaneously). Five audio-out jacks, two microphone connectors and one line-in is available as well.

The notebook surely has a DVD burner, you’re good to use that for installing software and games from CDs and DVDs. There are two free 5.25″ bays in case you need to add more disc drives. Media card reader doesn’t seem to be included.

By default you can only connect to Internet with cable, via the Gigabit RJ-45 port in the back. But don’t forget you can get WiFi USB dongle, or install “old-school” WiFi card inside – the motherboard has one free PCI-E x1 slot for that.

Miscellaneous thoughts

As usually, don’t forget that CybertronPC Hellion-Z17 TGMHELZ170025BL includes just keyboard and mouse but no monitor. So get the display separately.

Operating system is pre-loaded, and it’s the Windows 10 Home 64-bit.


So, is the CybertronPC a good friend for a gamer? In my opinion, yes, since you can play all games on Full HD resolution and medium-high settings. Perhaps not everything will be smooth at ultra details, for that you would need a pricier desktop. But I guess for most players this kind of affordable yet powerful computer is a very decent choice.

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