Brother Printer MFC-L2720DW Review

January 14, 2015
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Brother is a very reputable company manufacturing printers for a long, long time. Chances are high they won’t let you down – their product quality seems to be excellent. Probably the Brother MFC-L2720DW, a small business monochrome laser, follows this high quality trend too. But we can’t be sure until we take the printer under a closer examination below…


Brother MFC-L2720DW is a laser printer with All-in-One label on it. This means it also acts as a color scanner, copier and a fax machine at the same time. This comes handy especially for businesses who can’t afford buying separate devices for these functions. Having all of them in one package also reduces the physical footprint.

Operating the printer can be done through a 2.7″ display. It’s a touchscreen one which I personally find more intuitive than a regular screen. Continuing the thought, not all the printers in this price range have a touch display. All in all, the printer should be effortless to operate with.

Networking options for Brother MFC-L2720DW are the typical 100Mbps Ethernet port, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and an USB 2.0 port. Now the usual problem of printers, WiFi setup and usage, seems to be a non-issue here as people left comments about the wireless working well.

A 250 sheet tray is available on this Brother. Quite a typical size for this price, it also allows for automatic duplex printing. In other words, both sides of the paper can be used for documents of lesser importance, giving you savings in costs.

The operating systems officially supported are Windows and Mac. However, also Debian and RPM based Linux distributions are offered drivers from Brother’s support pages.


Brother MFC-L2720DW spits out papers on average speed, with the ppm being 30. To me, that rate is satisfactory, and I’d imagine most small businesses would agree with me. Those are, of course, only B&W papers because the printer doesn’t support colors at all.

The maximum monthly duty cycle is 10,000 pages. Divide that by 30 and you’ll know how many pages you could print every single day. That is over 300 a day which is plenty, although the recommended print volume is drastically lower: 250-2000 pages a month. You can keep the 10,000 pages per month as a definite upper limit and ponder if it’s enough for you. In my opinion, most small offices are good to go with that.

There’s 64MB memory installed on this printer and as far as I know, it can’t be expanded. Some competitors come with far more, around 256MB RAM. I’d call the 64MB rather low-end, and it doesn’t suit well if you’re printing big graphics intensive files or queuing a lot of jobs. In another words, a big office would need more, but small business or home users should be fine with this.


The purchase price of Brother MFC-L2720DW is something between 200 and 250 dollars. But more important are the running costs: as it only requires a black toner, you won’t be spending a lot for prints. The printer comes with a starter toner good for up to 700 prints, but after that you must buy more “fuel”. A good option would be Brother TN6600 high yield toner. Its price is around 50 bucks with a yield of ~2600 pages. As such, the cost per page would be around 1.9 cents. Not a lot in my opinion, and definitely beats many of its competitors.


Brother MFC-L2720DW looks like a very good printer – if monochrome prints are the only ones you need. It prints with up to 30ppm speed and has a working wireless connection. Both acquisition and operating costs are low, which rarely happens in the same package. Touchscreen is also an useful addition. The only obvious disadvantage I could see is the memory: low 64MB can’t keep up with the needs of a busy office. But unless you’re a large corporation, you should do very well with this affordable Brother.

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