Brother DCPL2540DW Review

February 3, 2015
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If you want a quality printer the brand Brother has probably popped into your mind. In my opinion, they’re indeed the leading printer manufacturer, creating excellent products for people and upping their profits to the maximum. A win-win situation, one might say. In this review we’ll concentrate on Brother DCPL2540DW and see if it lives up to high expectations.


One thing you should remember about Brother DCPL2540DW is the functionality. It’s a printer, copier and scanner in one package. Fax is missing. The printer and copier work only for B&W sheets, while the scanner can also operate color pages. All-in-One printer like this Brother could be a good pick especially for offices, where all of its features can be appreciated and put to use.

A two-line, illuminated mono LCD display is found on the top of this machine. It’s not a neat multi-line touch display but for this price I don’t know if you could expect one anyway.

Paper handling is similar to the competitors. The input capacity is 250 sheets and output handles up to 100 papers. There’s no optional tray available. The biggest paper size this device supports is legal (8.5″ x 14″ inches).

The scanner and copier feature a 35-page automatic document feeder, so you don’t have to wait next to the machine and put paper in one at a time. The printer has automatic duplex printing support which can be used with less important documents to print on two sides.

The dimensions are 16.1″ width, 15.7″ depth and 12.5″ height. Not that much for an All-in-One printer.


Brother DCPL2540DW has a maximum speed of 30 pages per minute. Naturally, that’s for B&W pages only. So you get a print out every 2 seconds at best. Of course, this is measured in a manufacturer-controlled environment, so in reality the speed could be lower. However, some commenters said the advertised rate is the actual rate. Start up time should be around 30 seconds when printer is off.

If you’re wondering how many sheets you could print in a month at most, the answer is 10,000 pages. Recommended volume is ~900 pages a month, in another words 30 pages every single day. For smaller offices that is sufficient. Same can be said about the 32BM RAM, which would work for user groups of 10 people easily. For huge businesses, queued jobs might become a problem for so low memory, especially when you can’t add more.


Officially, Brother DCPL2540DW supports all Windowses starting from XP. Mac OS X versions 10.7.x and above are also supported. Of course, the machine works with Linux too, and not much tweaking should be needed.

The printer has networking interfaces for wireless (802.11b/g/n), wired Ethernet (RJ-45) and USB 2.0. The WiFi supports both direct connection from your laptop/desktop or various mobile printing systems, such as AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. As such, Chromebooks and iPhones/iPads work with it.


Brother DCPL2540DW does come with starter toner which works for 700 pages. After you run out of it, you can buy high yield TN660 to save some money in the long run. With the current price, a cost per page with the TN660 toner would be ~2 cents. Quite affordable, and you can reduce the price by 50% and more if you use third-party packages.

In conclusion

Brother DCPL2540DW is a low-cost multifunctional device which has received almost exclusively positive reviews around Internet. So it’s probably an excellent product, and I could give points for (at least) reasonable price & running costs, smallish footprint and easy WiFi setup for most devices. It’s not heavy-duty enough for very busy offices, but for homes or smaller offices this Brother should be an a very valuable choice.

One thought on “Brother DCPL2540DW Review

  1. Grayson Peddie

    10 pages for 70 years (I’m 33 years old) for a starter toner is not that bad. Given that the price of the printer is $140, that works out to 5.4 cents per page. It would be nice if I could get by with 500 pages for a printer that cost $80 with a starter toner, but still have a scanner and a copier. That would last me for 50 years. And it does not have to include networking features that I do not need. That’s way too trendy these days.

    And so long as it supports Linux out of the box. A printer that does not work with Linux is a waste of money.

    Plus, I don’t have a printer store near me if I need to print something and I don’t mind paying for comfort and convenience just to have a printer at home anyway.


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