ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T Review

November 2, 2015
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ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T, it looks beautiful. The neat design, dubbed as smokey brown, is very pleasing to the eye – but naturally this is not the only strong point there is. Because in the engine room, you’ll find a host of high-quality components: a new 6th generation Core i5 processor, plenty of RAM and of course, a solid-state drive. The notebook costs a bit more than your usual home laptop, but perhaps it’s very well worth it? I’ll tell you my opinion on that below…

General performance

It’s not many weeks ago when Intel released a new processor family, called the 6th generation. The CPU in ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T, the Core i5-6200U, is one of those. It’s a dual-core model with 2.3GHz clock rate which is upped to 2.8GHz with turbo boost. Compared to the predecessor, the i5-5200U, it’s around 10% faster – the CPU Mark for this unit is closer to 3900 while i5-5200U gets 3500. The i5-6200U certainly is a solid processor, and I don’t see how the majority of applications would lag on this system.

The memory amount is 8GB, and half of it is soldered on-board. The other half, a 4GB stick, can be removed and replaced with up to 8GB stick. Hence, maximum RAM you can get here is 12GB.

The 256GB solid-state drive (SATA 3) is definitely a plus, you don’t need to participate in any HDD-to-SSD swap with this laptop. You can of course remove that and put another, perhaps bigger, drive in if you want.

Is the display a quality one?

ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T is not large, it sports a compact, glossy 13.3″ screen. It’s full of useful features, such as Full HD resolution. In real life, you can put two browser windows side by side no problem, although it’s going to look small because the physical size of display isn’t that big. IPS (In-Plane Switching) is the panel type, often these displays have wide viewing angles so you see what’s going on on the screen from sides. Touch is also supported, yet to many keyboard and touchpad are the only way to go.

Would it be good for a gamer?

ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T wouldn’t be too good a companion for a gamer. It features no graphics card with its own dedicated memory, rather there’s just the processor-integrated Intel HD 520 ready to run some less-requiring games or in the case of newer games, with lower settings. For example, if you were to play GTA 5 you’d need to use normal settings and 1366×768 resolution to receive an acceptable ~25FPS level. League of Legends would be smooth (+50FPS) using default settings and Full HD resolution.

What connections does it have?

It’s the usual connections you’ll find in ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T. There are three USB ports, all of them are luckily the version 3.0. You can plug in monitor/HDTV too, there’s HDMI-out and miniDP for that. For networking you can use the internal 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 card. RJ-45 doesn’t seem to be present.

Please remember DVD drive isn’t available here, but an easy fix would be to get an external drive and connect that to the laptop’s USB. And in case you have SD/MMC memory cards, those can be accessed by slipping them in to the card reader on the left hand side.

1.2MP webcam is featured, it’s good enough to film YouTube-grade videos or chat with your friends on Skype.

Some other important things?

If you’re a road warrior you probably like ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T. It weighs just 3.2 pounds and goes nicely into a backpack or purse. The battery capacity is 50Whr and it has 3 cells, no user reports confirm the actual operating time but you should get more than six hours if you’re surfing the web.

The operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit). Keyboard is backlit on this model.

Summing it up

If it’s a premium laptop you want, ASUS Zenbook UX303UA-DH51T shouldn’t be a bad choice. The new i5 processor with a solid-state drive will pretty much make this thing fly, although for purely gaming use it’s not a good pick due to integrated graphics. All the handy “power user friendly” features are present, such as Full HD IPS screen, backlit keyboard and AC-grade WiFi. All in all, it’s a viable (and neat-looking!) notebook for heavier use minus hardcore gaming.

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