ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4 Desktop Review

February 8, 2017
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Many people complain their desktops are slow. Surely, if your computer is many years old it can not keep up with the requirements of 2017. Even some computers sold in the shop today are hardly sufficient. But with ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4 this should not be a problem. And it seems to shine not only for software but also for gaming use thanks to dedicated graphics. The package looks interesting but judging should not be done just yet…

General performance

The slow performance of some All-in-One desktops is not present with ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4. There is a heavyweight Intel Core i7-6700T processor in the center of system, ready to be thrown at with software with high system requirements. The processor in question offers 2.8GHz clock basic frequency with 3.6GHz turbo, and comes with a quad-core setup for the delight of multitaskers. All of those things are great, and to seal the deal, the unit gets a very high ~9000 points score in CPU Mark benchmark!

Now don’t get confused about the storage drive. You might think it’s a solid-state drive, but in reality it’s just a hybrid hard drive with a small SSD-like cache. The size is one terabyte and spindle speed the basic 5400RPM. It’s tad faster than a pure HDD but still not on par with solid-state drives.

Most desktops come with 8GB memory these days, also this ASUS. It contains 8GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM which is the newer type of memory. You are able to upgrade it to 16 gigabytes at least. I even think the mainboard comes with an empty memory slot for easy upgrade.

How good is this for gaming?

You see, they didn’t disregard the gamers with ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4. They included a mobile-level dedicated graphics, the GeForce GTX960M with 2GB RAM on this unit. It surely is far from the performance desktop cards such as GeForce GTX980 offer, but the “oomph” is still much better than in integrated chips. If you value Full HD gaming on high settings, you can expect most games run fine (GTA 5 +40FPS and Minecraft +60FPS). However some of the heaviest ones like The Witcher 3 would require medium to high settings.

How is the connectivity?

ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4 comes with a good variety of ports to accommodate your peripherals. There are five regular USB ports of which four are USB 3.0 and one is USB 2.0. On top of those one USB 3.1 Type-C is available which is the new multi-use port you might’ve heard about. As a specialty there are also two HDMI outputs – to those you can plug in two displays at the same time.

Optical drive is not something you will find in this model. It’s a bit too thin for such a drive. You will have better luck with an external DVD burner which conveniently hooks up to USB port. Alternatively you can use the desktop’s SD & MMC card reader if just transferring data is what you want.

Internet access is done through the Gigabit RJ-45 port if network cables are your thing. Going wireless is easy too, the desktop has a built-in 802.11ac WiFi adapter with support for Bluetooth 4.0.

Are there other things I should keep in mind?

Do not forget the neat monitor of ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4. It’s a true desktop-sized display with its 23.8 inches diagonal. But what is even better is the resolution, 3840×2160. Also known as 4K Ultra HD, movies you watch on this screen will look darn sharp (assumed they are in 4K format as well). In addition the screen responds to touch – this is however a feature I don’t personally find so useful.

One webcam is installed, in the front top bezel of this display. It’s the Intel’s RealSense 3D camera which gives great image quality for video chats or even shooting short flicks and publishing them on YouTube.

The desktop of course includes keyboard and mouse. Both of them are wireless.


There is no reason to dislike All-in-One desktop like ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4. It does an excellent job for performance-demanding users who are not happy with their current desktops – indeed, the Core i7 processor and SSHD in this computer can not be easily beaten, even by software like Photoshop or different video editors. Another huge advantage is gaming performance as there is GeForce GTX960M running the graphics show. For all you are getting the current price is spot on – I see only good reasons to recommend this for folks after a heavy-duty rig!

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