Asus X751LAV-SI50501U Laptop Review

July 8, 2016
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Those who’re looking for a big laptop don’t necessarily have to pay a lot. Such a notebook can be affordable, just like Asus X751LAV-SI50501U. It boasts a 17-inches display, a must for many home users, but is there anything more the system has to offer? I will tell you that in a second!

Who is it good for?

The prominent feature of Asus X751LAV-SI50501U is its display. The diagonal is 17.3 inches. Now, such a big size is ideal if you enjoy watching movies or just want the added screen estate on your desktop. However, keep in mind the 1600×900 resolution is not Full HD, so you’d fit even more on the screen if you had such a 1080p display. Also remember touch is not supported. But then again, for this price you can’t really complain.

The performance isn’t bad at all; Intel Core i5-5200U is the processor responsible for the main operations. The dual-core unit offers 2.2Ghz clock speed with 2.7Ghz turbo frequency. Rather popular among power users, the i5-5200U reaches ~3500 points in CPU Mark (Celerons get around 1000). The memory 8GB is also desirable for more demanding activities, I believe the setup is 4GB RAM onboard and 4GB installed on a socket (thus, the memory could be upgraded to 12GB).

One use for the notebook is a data storage, it has a huge one terabyte spinning hard disk. However, it’s also a slow unit with 5400RPM spindle speed. Some might want to replace it with an SSD.

Who is it bad for?

Don’t get fooled by the big screen, Asus X751LAV-SI50501U is not much of a gamer’s laptop. There is no dedicated graphics card in it, only the Intel HD 5500 graphics chip that’s built in to the processor. It’s hardly good for modern, demanding games like GTA 5 which would only get ~20FPS when you had low settings on. That said, the Intel HD 5500 tackles many titles that are simple, those including Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Go on high settings (+35FPS).

What you win in the display size you lose in portability. The item is rather big, it weighs 6.2 pounds, so you don’t want to carry it around too much. Also keep in mind the 4-cell battery won’t last very long, four hours with a single charge is your best bet.

Other interesting things and features

Asus X751LAV-SI50501U comes with a set of ports so you can plug in your favorite peripherals. There are three USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI output at your disposal. To the RJ-45 port you connect a network cable; rest assured there’s also a WiFi adapter (n standard + Bluetooth 4.0) available.

A DVD burner is installed in the right side. You can also use memory cards with the laptop, there’s SD/MMC card reader included.

Operating system on this laptop is Windows 10 Home Premium (64-bit).

The keyboard doesn’t have backlight feature.


In my opinion, Asus X751LAV-SI50501U offers a decent price/performance ratio. You can definitely call the notebook an affordable one, while the Core i5 level processor and 8GB RAM are something even a power user will most probably enjoy. The same goes for the 17-inches screen; however keep in mind the display also makes the unit very bulky and rather heavy, so for traveling the notebook is quite a bad choice. Choose it for home or office, that is my advice!

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