Asus X555LA-SI50203H Laptop Review

August 26, 2015
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ASUS is known to manufacturer quality laptops, at least that’s what me (and many of our readers) think. One later model of theirs, Asus X555LA-SI50203H, should also offer the quality what’s often expected from this company, if reviews around the Internet are to be believed. People have been saying good things about the performance; indeed the engine room houses things like 4th Generation Core i5 processor, 6GB RAM and a terabyte hard drive. But what does this laptop offer, and more essentially, are those features useful to you or not? Below, you’ll find my opinion about that!


Asus X555LA-SI50203H has a popular processor called 4th Generation Intel Core i5-4210U. The CPU in question features a dual-core design with 1.7GHz base speed and a maximum turbo frequency of 2.7GHz. It’s tad slower than the big brother i7-4510U (3400 vs 3900 CPU Mark points), but I bet most – including me – can hardly notice any difference. Like another guy said, the laptop is good for lightweight use (MS Office, web browser, some gaming), but I’d dare to say you can also fire up heavier programs like Adobe Illustrator. The processor is quite strong, and there’s also a solid 6GB (DDR3L 1600MHz) RAM available. The distribution is funny: 4GB soldered on board, 2GB on a stick. Hence, maximum RAM would be 12GB, achievable by replacing the removable 2GB with a 8GB stick.

The storage section is all about space: you’ll get full terabyte storage, which equals to about 200DVDs or 200,000 images. Another question is, is such a 5400RPM HDD fast enough for you? Might be it’s not, but you can always do something about the issue: You can take that drive one and put a speedy solid-state drive in. Any 2.5″ SATA 3 SSD should be good.

Display and graphics

Asus X555LA-SI50203H features a 15.6″ display, but for this price you can’t really expect Full HD, can you? Perhaps a year or two later but not yet. So the resolution is 1366×768, some power users might like the computer less now. However, for basic computer use, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with 720p. It’s mostly more screen estate what Full HD support brings, and that is something digital artists would need. Another thing to keep in mind is the lack of touch support, you might find Windows 8 bit tough to use, but upgrading to Windows 10 for free should do the trick.

There’s no wonderful graphics card in this Asus. It’s just the integrated Intel HD 4400 what you’ll receive. The HD 4400 can be used for light gaming, you can even try some newer titles, but don’t expect to keep very high settings then. Here’s some FPS information for your reference:

– Grand Theft Auto 5, 1366×768 and medium details, ~20FPS
– Minecraft, 1366×768 and fancy details, ~60FPS
– DotA 2, 1366×768 and medium details, ~45FPS


Asus X555LA-SI50203H can be tuned with various peripherals. It accepts three USB devices at a time, offering one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports for that. You can also connect a monitor (like HDTV), the notebook seems to have both HDMI and VGA outputs.

The laptop contains internal DVD burner on the right side. In addition, SD(HC/XC) slot is there, ready to take memory cards from cameras and other card-eating devices.

All the essential networking interfaces are present: a Gigabit LAN port and 802.11b/g/n WiFi. Also Bluetooth 4.0 should be enabled.

The notebook comes with a built-in 0.3MP webcam that works alright for Skype video.

Miscellaneous things

The weight of Asus X555LA-SI50203H is 5.1 pounds, the same than other 15.6″ laptops are. It includes a 2-cell polymer battery that will last 4 hours maximum when surfing the web.

The laptop has no backlit keys. 10-key pad is however installed.

Summing it up

Asus X555LA-SI50203H seems to offer pretty good bang for the buck. It’s quite an inexpensive laptop, but still comes with a decent i5 CPU, a lot of RAM and a 1024GB (although just a mechanical) hard drive under its hood. Worst thing would be gaming performance, but hey, for so low price I can’t criticize a lot. All in all, it seems that ASUS has made a fine product once again. If you want a home/student laptop without paying an arm and leg, I think you have found the right computer right here.

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