ASUS X555DA-AS11 Home Laptop Review

April 19, 2016
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It’s not an expensive price the ASUS X555DA-AS11 laptop has, but still there are some top-tier components such as solid-state drive included. This kind of affordable yet powerful system usually sells like hotcakes, although not in the case if there is something wrong with the computer… Let me tell you more about that here!

The good

ASUS X555DA-AS11 has very strong performance knowing how little it costs. The processor is AMD A10-8700P, a dual-core unit of 1.8GHz clock speed and 3.2GHz turbo boost. A solid CPU Mark score is what this processor is known for, around 3600 which is comparable to Intel Core i5-5200U. Every program I can think of will run – the 8GB memory will also help you. It’s installed on two 4GB sticks (both slots taken), with maximum RAM being 16GB.

The notebook includes a 15-inch matte screen, with Full HD support, and that’s a treat for so low price. Touch is not supported, keep that in mind. Viewing angles also aren’t that great, but not everything can be expected for this price. A basic VGA-resolution webcam is there as well.

Storage drive is golden, a 256GB solid-state drive. You’re going to find the computer rather snappy to use because of that. Naturally, you can always replace the drive, but you need some tech skills to do that.

The neutral

ASUS X555DA-AS11 has a decent selection of ports: two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 are available for commonly used devices such as printers and external drives. There are also video outputs (HDMI and VGA), meaning you can plug in an external monitor, including HDTV. Network you can reach with either the RJ-45 port or 802.11ac WiFi adapter.

DVD burner and media card reader are included for those who need them. The latter is good if you want to upload things like photos from digital camera.

The bad

Gaming performance on this laptop is not so good. Graphics engine is the integrated AMD Radeon R6. Some more demanding games like Grand Theft Auto 5 will get FPS in the 20-30 range, when settings are low and resolution as well. Luckily, the situation changes with easier titles such as League of Legends; those will have smooth frame rates even when using higher settings.

It looks like the battery life on this unit is not great, you’ll reach 3-4 hours under web surfing. Moreover, the battery is of non-removable type.

The laptop does not have backlit keyboard like more expensive models.


I would say ASUS X555DA-AS11 offers good value. It has everything a home, office or even power user needs: a solid processor, 8GB RAM and snappy solid-state drive. Software will run no problem on such a set-up – however some games won’t because there is no dedicated graphics included. Ports selection is alright with several USB connectors and HDMI output. If it’s good bang for your buck you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with this ASUS.

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