ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 Gaming Notebook Review

January 2, 2016
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Do you have the desire to play games on a laptop? No problem, you can get it all, just prepare to pay some extra. Notebooks such as ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 cost quite much, but in exchange offer the possibility to do some serious gaming, without the fear of FPS dropping low. Below, you will find what I think about this high-end laptop…

General performance

As always with gaming notebooks, basic components are top notch. ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 boasts 6th generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ as its processor, it happens to be a quad core powered CPU with 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.5GHz turbo boost. For those interested about comparison to other processors, let me tell you this unit receives ~8000 points in CPU Mark. Processors found in other gaming laptops are in the 8000-9000 range, while those notebooks meant for home and office use get ~4000 points.

I would almost say the memory is an overkill here: you’ll get 16GB SDRAM and it’s the DDR4 (2133MHz) type. Might be you can’t upgrade it (two sockets on the mainboard) but everybody should be good to go with 16GB memory.

Often laptops, even the gaming ones, have a poor hard drive for storage. But not in ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74: You’ll get both hard drive (1TB 7200RPM) and solid-state drive (128GB mSATA 3). No need to get additional drives, you have everything you need here. You can install games on the faster SSD and larger (and less accessed) files on the hard drive for optimal performance.

Does it work for gaming?

Of course, what would a gaming laptop be without great graphics? The ASUS features GeForce GTX960M (4GB GDDR5) graphics engine; it’s a real dedicated card and quite a well-performing one. You’re able to play most games using high/ultra settings and 1080p. As an example, you can play GTA 5 using high details and 1920×1080 and receive around 50 frames per second. Another example, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate from 2015 would get around 30FPS on similar settings.

Even though the graphics card is quite strong, keep in mind you can’t upgrade it.

Ports and connections

Ports are plenty in ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74, you’ll find one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 Type C connectors for various peripherals and devices. You may also hook up HD television or external PC display here, there’s a full-size HDMI output for that.

Getting this laptop connected to Internet shouldn’t be an issue, the Gigabit RJ-45 port can be used with wire and the 802.11b/g/n WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 adapter for wireless networking.

You may also install games and programs from local media, the laptop sports a DVD burner. The SD(HC/XC) & MMC card slot can also be used for that.

1.2MP webcam is included, it’s rather high quality and works fine for Skype video chatting.

Miscellaneous yet important things

ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 has a sweet 15.6 inches display that supports 1920×1080 (Full HD) resolution. The panel type is IPS, In-Plane Switching, a professional technology for more realistic color reproduction and wider viewing angles than cheaper TN-type panels. The screen has a matte finish. Touch is not supported.

The included 4-cell 48Whrs battery isn’t wonderful, you’ll lucky to get 2 hours when gaming – however reaching 4 hours is realistic if web surfing on power saving mode. It looks like you can snap out the battery, so replacing it will be easy.

The keyboard has a red backlight, keep in mind you can’t change the color.


Unsurprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be many bad things about ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 on paper. It has very powerful components, and playing most – if not all – games at +30FPS with a lot of eye candy on is reality. The HDD + SSD combo is also nice since you can store a lot of data here and still retain quick boot up and program loading times. The biggest negative thing would be the price; it’s much more than an average laptop, but considering what this unit offers I think it’s quite good bang for a gamer’s buck.

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