ASUS ROG G752VL-UH71T Gaming Laptop Review

June 22, 2016
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There is one thing you need to know when purchasing a gaming notebook: you need a decent amount of money for one! Items like ASUS ROG G752VL-UH71T are pricey because they contain high-end components ensuring all your games are run with smooth and decent FPS. Below, I’ll examine the ASUS laptop and tell whether it’s worth the money or not…

How good is the gaming performance?

GeForce GTX965M (2GB GDDR5) is one of the better mobile graphics cards – obviously, between the 960M and 970M. As a result, you can crank up the resolution and settings with most or all games. For example, the heavyweight favorite Fallout 4 will run at +30FPS if using maximum settings and Full HD resolution. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be in similar situation (+35FPS). Bear in mind the graphics card can’t be upgraded.

How about other important components?

ASUS ROG G752VL-UH71T has a neat processor, the quad-core Intel Core i7-6700HQ of 2.6GHz clock and 3.5GHz turbo frequency. The unit is full of oomph, in CPU Mark test it gets around 8000 points (for your reference, the popular mid-range Core i5-5200U gets 3500 points). There’s also plenty of DDR4 memory, 24GB, so it doesn’t matter what kind of programs you want to run, all of them will be handled easily.

The notebook combines the best storage drive technologies: a huge raw storage from 1TB 5400RPM HDD and a fast performance from the 256GB solid-state drive. The good thing is, you don’t need to add SSD, it’s already there! Expect the Windows 10 to boot up in seconds, also games will be loaded much faster than on your old computers with mechanical hard drives (provided you indeed install your games on the SSD on this rig).

What are its ports and connections?

ASUS ROG G752VL-UH71T offers HDMI and miniDisplayPort as the dedicated video outputs. In addition, there’s the new USB 3.1 Type-C which works with many standards as long as you have a right cable. Also four USB 3.0 ports are available.

There’s a Gigabit LAN port if you want to connect to Internet with cable. Also the dual-band AC WiFi card can be used (it supports Bluetooth 4.0 as well).

A DVD burner is available, so is 2-in-1 card reader for SD and MMC standards.

Miscellaneous features

The display on ASUS ROG G752VL-UH71T has 17.3 inches diagonal and Full HD resolution support. Unlike most gaming notebooks, this one does have a touch screen (no matter what you’ve read elsewhere). The panel type is IPS so you can expect great viewing angles. A 1.2MP webcam is installed in the top panel.

Information about the battery isn’t available but I suspect it’s a 6-cell 66Whrs one, lasting a maximum 4 hours with web browsing and 2 hours under gameplay.

The keyboard features backlight.


ASUS ROG G752VL-UH71T does what a gaming laptop should: run all games – no matter the age and level of graphics complexity – smooth and clean. You can use maximum settings on pretty much every title with the GTX965M card. In addition, the laptop can be used for all software-work (including video editing due to good graphics card and screen). But I wouldn’t get it primarily for non-gaming use, the computer is too expensive for that. So, if you love playing games, I’d recommend checking this ASUS out!

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