ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 Gaming Laptop Review

August 10, 2015
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Unfortunately, gaming on a laptop has always been rather expensive hobby. Also ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 proves that fact, its price being much more than your average home laptop is. But in exchange, you’ll get a lot and some more performance. Or what do you think about proper i7 processor, dedicated GTX980M graphics and 24GB memory? Whether this all is worth the price is another thing, and that’s what I’ll tell you here.

Overall performance

You should be able run any application on ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72. See, it has Intel Core i7-4720HQ as its processor. The i7 (4 cores, 2.6Ghz, 3.6Ghz turbo) is very different beast than what you might be used to. It benchmarks around 8200 points in CPU Mark tests – much, much more than many “common” processors like low voltage i3s that hardly reach a score of 3000. The downside of such performance is power consumption: you’re likely to drain battery rather quickly. But that is unfortunately the nature of any gaming laptop.

Memory in this notebook is a bit overkill. Or do you think you’d need 24GB RAM? The distribution, to my knowledge, is three 8GB sticks, but there’s one empty slot so you could up the memory to 32GB. Whether such upgrade would make sense is entirely different matter.

Like in many gaming laptops, also ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 sports an excellent HDD + SSD setup. The 7200RPM hard drive part offers 1024GB space so you won’t probably run out of storage. The m.2 256GB solid-state drive can be used to store data – like games – that you access often, the speed of SSD will make such files load and run very smoothly.

About gaming

This laptop is no stranger to keeping high settings and 1080p with basically any game. Its graphics are powered by GeForce GTX980M (4GB GDDR5) card which is a player’s dream. It will plow through games like GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 while keeping maxed out details and Full HD, frame rates being around 40. Most games will get even better FPS than that so it will be enjoyable gaming experience for sure.

Comments on display

ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 features a 17.3″ display with all the useful stuff: 1920×1080 resolution and IPS panel. Utilizing Full HD won’t be a problem here, the faster than lightning graphics card will make sure of that. Thanks to IPS technology, the screen was also reported to have excellent viewing angles.


ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 has plenty of connections. There are four USB 3.0 ports and one Thunderbolt port for peripherals. VGA and HDMI outputs are present as well, because hey, who wouldn’t like to game with a PC monitor now and then.

The optical drive is a splendid BluRay burner that also writes to CD and DVD. Webcam offers 1.2MP HD resolution, and the SD/MMC card reader can be used with the most common memory card types.

Connecting to networks will be pleasant with the included Gigabit RJ-45 port and 802.11AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 card.

Miscellaneous things

Sadly, you won’t like to travel with this monster. It weighs a good 8.4 pounds, much more than an average 15.6″ notebook weighing ~5 lbs. Furthermore, the 8-cell 88Whr battery won’t last very long, only around 4 hours on light use. But if you’re trying to play on battery you’ll get just 1.5 hours before recharge is needed.

The keyboard features illuminated keys and a typical numeric pad on the right.


It’s simple, if you have a lot of extra money and only want the best, ASUS ROG G751JY-DB72 is your choice. The laptop is full of very powerful features, i7 processor, 24GB RAM and 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD being the most obvious ones. The GTX980M engine is a proper gaming card, allowing you to keep high settings on any current and upcoming game in 2015-2016. Traveling with this unit is a no-no, it weighs a lot and battery will drain quickly under heavy load from the high-end components, however this goes for any gaming laptop. I can’t really criticize much here, but the thing costs so much that only the most devout gamers should go for it.

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