ASUS M32CD Desktop Review

October 29, 2015
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Did you ever predict that desktops would die? Well, at least in 2015 they are doing fine. For example, this ASUS M32CD model is selling like hot cakes – there are a number of reviews about this computer around the Internet, most of them positive. What would be the reason that such a basic-looking desktop is still a popular choice for many people? I’ll try to find that out below!

Does it have good performance?

The processor in ASUS M32CD is excellent, a new release called Intel Core i5-6400. From the “6” prefix you can see it’s a 6th Generation model, the line of processor Intel released in the Fall 2015. This unit clocks at 2.7GHz while the turbo speed is 3.3GHz, core amount is four. There’s already data available about it in CPU Mark, they give this a ranking of ~6500 points. It’s a solid score for any desktop, problems shouldn’t arise no matter what applications you try to fire up and run on this system.

By default, the computer has 8GB DDR3 RAM. Unlike many desktops, this one has just two memory slots so maximum would be 16GB – and keep in mind another of those sockets is already taken. Also, the processor supports DDD4 memory but indeed the shipped RAM is DDR3.

The storage drive is suitable for a desktop, it’s a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive connected to a SATA interface. There are at least two SATA connectors inside, I assume the current drive uses SATA 3. Also space for one extra 3.5″ drive is available.

How does it work for gaming?

ASUS M32CD wouldn’t be a gamer’s dream. There’s no graphics card with dedicated RAM in the engine room, only Intel HD Graphics 530, an integrated unit. It’s not a lot faster than its predecessors; in real life, you’ll have to keep settings medium and resolution at bay to get playable frame rates. As an example, you’d get around 25FPS with GTA 5 when normal settings and 720p was used. The Witcher 3 would be barely playable, on low settings you’ll receive less than 20 frames per second. League of Legends can be played on very high settings and Full HD and FPS rate would be +50.


The ASUS M32CD seems to offer two USB 3.1, four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports for various devices. Video connections include HDMI-out and VGA port, so also dual monitor setup works.

RJ-45 port is there, the LAN interface supports 1000Mbps rate. Keep in mind A/C Wireless card is also installed, it features Bluetooth 4.0 too.

The front panel houses an SD card reader and a DVD burner.

Other things to consider

The PSU seems to offer 300W rate. There’s one expansion slot for PCI-e x16 card – for example, a better graphics unit.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Summing it up

ASUS M32CD is a nice desktop but it’s lacking one thing many people would like to have: a graphics card. The current setup surely lets you to browse web (including HD videos), do graphics design and even play some low-level games. But if it’s hardcore gaming you’re up to, you need a better graphics card. Luckily, the desktop has PCI-e x16 slot for that so one can be added later if you decide so. Otherwise, I don’t find things to complain about. It’s a decent desktop for a wide array of uses (minus serious gaming) for sure.

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