ASUS M32BF-US005O Review

October 6, 2014
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It’s below or around 500 bucks so we dub thee budget desktop… Indeed, ASUS M32BF-US005O is one of those attractively priced computers that might find its way for folks at home or office. The main specs include AMD’s A6 CPU, a solid 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive. How would them and bunch of other interesting details work for you in reality? Let’s try to find that out below.

The main things

ASUS M32BF-US005O features AMD A6-6400K processor. It has nice 3.9GHz clock speed and two cores. To my ear it sounds it might be a killer CPU. But some benchmarks show otherwise. After all, you can’t have a budget computer without making at least some compromises here and there. And usually the compromise is the CPU. On the bright side, this AMD still has excellent value – which explains why the CPU constantly finds its way to affordable computers.

Other main specs are solid, that must be said. The 8GB RAM is plenty. It’s actually so much that most users will ever need it all. That said, upgrading the RAM to 16GB is very possible. The 8GB RAM is installed in one chip and there’s one slot free – so you can just add another, maximum 8GB DDR3 chip there and double the memory.

The hard drive configuration is one 7200RPM SATA drive with 1024GB storage. Space is plenty, especially in the era of Internet streaming where you don’t have to download everything to your computer. A DVD burner is also installed, letting you to read and write DVDs up to 24x speed.

The operating system of ASUS M32BF-US005O is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition. If you’re not (yet) ready to switch to Windows 8, consider the OS choice here an advantage.

The graphics

There’s no display shipped with ASUS M32BF-US005O, but it does indeed have a graphics engine. The AMD Radeon HD 8470D is a graphics chip integrated to the AMD CPU. Integrated, indeed. That might ring bells to you. Those graphics engines are not known for their performance. It is also the case with AMD Radeon HD 8470D. This Radeon is rather horrible pick if you’re devoted to latest games with wow-factor graphics. At the same time, for lesser titles like World of Warcraft, Fifa 14 and Minecraft it should suffice – especially if you can reduce settings and resolution a bit.


ASUS M32BF-US005O has in total 6 USB ports, 4 of those being in the rear panel USB 2.0 ones and the rest being USB 3.0 ports in the front panel. The front also has a 6-in-1 media card reader. Video connections in the back are VGA and HDMI so using dual monitor setup is possible.

For Internet, you can choose only the wired option. There’s Gigabit Ethernet adapter installed in the motherboard but no WiFi support. In case you require wireless, I recommend getting cheap USB dongle or installing a PCI card inside yourself.

Other things to keep in mind

USB mouse and keyboard are shipped with ASUS M32BF-US005O, no need to get them separately. Monitor, as noted above, is not bundled with this desktop.

As for preloaded software, there’s MS Office and antivirus program installed. Both are trials, so after some time you must pay if you want to continue using them.

Installing a dedicated graphics card is possible to the PCI-e x16 slot. If you do that, remember to take into consideration wattage of the power supply. At 300W it might not be able to give enough power for your newly upgraded rig.


ASUS M32BF-US005O is a powerful desktop in many ways. It has huge RAM and storage, and there’s nothing wrong with its CPU for everyday use at home, office or student dorm. Problems might occur if you try to game with the ASUS, as the CPU and especially its integrated graphics chip don’t have what it takes to run latest games with acceptable FPS. The missing WiFi can also be considered disadvantage (however WiFi support can be easily installed afterwards). But for the price, and after reading other positive reviews about it, I conclude ASUS M32BF-US005O is something a home user without too big gaming needs might very well consider.

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