ASUS M32BF-US001S Review

October 2, 2014
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Continuing the ASUS desktop review frenzy it was time to take a look at ASUS M32BF-US001S today. It was released last July for the (literally) hot summer market and has already gained some positive user reviews on That is a good thing to start with, but let’s not conclude anything definite just yet.

The Essentials

ASUS M32BF-US001S has an AMD processor in its core. The AMD A10-6700 CPU clocks at 3.7GHz and runs on four cores. There’s also turbo speed which allows momentary overclocking up to 4.3GHz. In tests it does rather well and one could expect high performance from this AMD. Due to number of cores also multitasking shouldn’t be too big a problem for the processor.

They surely put a lot of RAM in this desktop. Even a bit too much might some say. You’ll find whopping 12GB DDR3 memory installed inside. The configuration is a 8GB chip and a 4GB chip. I don’t think you really need that much memory. I’d say 4-6GB is enough even these days so they probably put lots of RAM there just to make it look (not necessarily be) faster and more attractive. But it doesn’t stop here: If 12GB isn’t enough for you there’s always space for more. The maximum supported memory is 16GB. A memory monster this one is, I must say.

Hard drive is a spacious 2TB one. To illustrate how much data could be fitted there let’s say a DVD movie is 4.7GB big. With a simple math we can see that around 400 of those DVD movies could be stored on the hard drive of ASUS M32BF-US001S. That’s surely a lot of films, although I must warn you: nothing is enough if you get hooked to downloading never ending stream of entertainment off Internet.

How about graphics?

For graphics ASUS M32BF-US001S offers Radeon HD 8670D. Yes it’s a Radeon, the great graphics card back in the days, but this model happens to be an integrated one. That in turn translates to poor performance. A quick glance at the charts shows the graphics chip is indeed on the slow side. Getting it to run Minecraft smoothly should be easy task, but using lowest settings and smaller resolution should always be done with heavier games to get playable frame rates.


The system has 6 USB ports in total (4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0). VGA and HDMI outputs are also provided, letting you to connect external monitors. Dual screen setup is also supported. The media card reader supports MS, MS PRO, MMC, SD, SDHC and xD formats.

ASUS M32BF-US001S’s hardware won’t be the bottleneck when accessing the Internet. It comes with gigabit ethernet adapter giving you fast speeds for networks (assuming other devices in the network support such speeds). There is however no WiFi or Bluetooth available. If you want them, get an inexpensive USB dongle or go all the way and install an expansion card to a PCI slot on the motherboard yourself.

What else to consider?

ASUS M32BF-US001S comes with pre-installed Windows 8.1 64-bit edition. If you want to explore the familiar Windows 7, get something else. If you want to go with Windows 8 consider getting a touchscreen if you want to use its exciting (well that’s debatable) touch and swipe features.

DVD+R/RW drive is installed and ready to serve you with reading and writing CDs and DVDs.

USB keyboard and mouse are shipped with the main unit.


ASUS M32BF-US001S’s performance is indeed better than your typical budget desktop’s. It gives enough power for almost anybody – be it home user, a developer or office worker. The graphics card however is far from excellent. As said above, reducing resolution & settings is the only way to go with the latest games full of eye candy. If that doesn’t bother you, or you’re not a serious gamer but want extra performance for other tasks this ASUS should be a good pick. If you don’t need this much power and want a cheaper desktop, settling for this All-in-One solution might very well suffice.

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