Asus M11BB-B10 Essentio Desktop Review

March 3, 2016
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Asus M11BB-B10 Essentio, a very low-cost desktop, that is sweet. You don’t need huge savings to buy this. In exchange, it offers entry-level performance with its AMD processor and terabyte hard drive. In this article, you’ll find answer to the question whether it’s really a recommended choice or not…

Does it work fine for most programs?

It’s not a high price tag you find on Asus M11BB-B10, so perhaps it also means poor performance? Well, not really, although it depends on what programs you’re going to use. The most important component in that regard is the processor, which happens to be the quad-core AMD A8-5500 here. It’s a darn old model (2012) but still features a 3.2GHz clock and 3.7GHz turbo speed. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the benchmark score: this chip gets ~4000 points in CPU Mark. It’s worse than on most desktop Core i3s and Core i5s, so I wouldn’t get this desktop for a power user. However, the usual stuff like web browser and Microsoft Office are going to run great.

I can’t complain about the memory, there is one 8GB RAM stick installed which is sufficient for any kind of use, including multitasking (however it still doesn’t remove the slight CPU bottleneck). As four DIMM slots are available all in all, 32GB is the maximum RAM one could install on this machine.

The storage section makes sure all the people with a collection of huge files will like this desktop. The drive is a 1TB 7200RPM (SATA 3) hard drive with space for ~200,000 high quality images, for example. Of course, such a platter-based drive won’t be a match for SSD in performance. So, if you want a snappier system you can install a solid-state drive in (six SATA 3 connectors are available all in all).

Is it a gaming-friendly computer?

Asus M11BB-B10 is not a good friend of gamer. The fact is, there is an integrated graphics engine called Radeon HD 7560D which is between Intel HD 5500 and HD 520 in performance. A real-life example, the famous GTA 5 would get ~25 frames per second on normal settings and 720p resolution. There will be a slight choppiness but I’d still call that playable. You will have better luck with less demanding games like those downloaded from Steam or various sports games.

But don’t forget, nothing is stopping you from installing a dedicated graphics card. There are two PCI-e x16 on the mainboard. The 300W (350W peak) PSU might handle a graphics card, but it might also be you need to upgrade the power supply as well if you’re putting in a beefy card.

What peripherals can be connected?

Asus M11BB-B10 has a decent connectivity for a desktop. You can hook up many USB devices, there are six USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports for that. In addition, the back panel features HDMI-out, DVI-D and VGA ports, so hooking up two monitors at the same time is possible.

As for audio, there is headphone & microphone ports in the front, and a full 8 channel audio setup in the back panel. Connecting a speaker set with subwoofers is possible.

There is a Gigabit Ethernet circuit on the motherboard with RJ-45 port in the back. However, WiFi card is not included: you can install one yourself to PCI-e x1 slot inside or plug adapter to the USB port.

A tray-load 24X DVD burner is included. It’s good for CDs and DVDs, but Blu-Rays don’t work here.

The front panel has a media card reader, it supports SD, SDHC, MS, MS Pro, xD and MMC formats. A practical use would be to upload data from your camera using that.

Are there other benefits?

Asus M11BB-B10 comes with USB keyboard and mouse but no monitor.

Operating system is Windows 8.1, you can get free upgrade to Windows 10 until Summer 2016.


To put it very simply, Asus M11BB-B10 Essentio is a desktop for basic use at home or office. It handles all the tasks there no problem, including office programs and even photo editors. A big hard drive is available so you can use this desktop as your main data storage as well. Gaming is not going to be a breeze because of the processor-integrated graphics. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive desktop for non-gaming use, give this simple Asus a try!

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