ASUS K30BD-US002S Review

October 16, 2014
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The choice between laptop and desktop can be hard when money is an issue. Desktop might understandably be a tempting choice if you want better bang for your buck. In that case, ASUS K30BD-US002S, a budget desktop featuring AMD Sempron processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive could be a good candidate for you. So let’s delve deeper into this matter and figure out if you can get a good product with such a low price.

The important things

Do you know AMD Sempron 3850? It’s one of AMD’s lesser known processor models, with 1.3GHz clock speed and four cores. It’s responsible for running things smoothly on ASUS K30BD-US002S. I can see that working well only so far since that CPU’s performance isn’t really comparable to the beefiest processors in AMD’s and Intel’s repertoire. However, since we’re talking about budget desktops, having such a low end processor isn’t end of the world. It’s certainly enough for home and office use. It’s just the gamers that might need something faster.

Other noteworthy things about ASUS K30BD-US002S include memory. It has 4GB RAM which you can expand up to 16GB. The storage drive is a typical 500GB (7200RPM) HDD and if you’re longing for the speed a solid-state drive can offer, there’s one free 3.5″ slot where you can mount an SSD (might need to use adapter for that, though). On top of local space you should also get 100GB free storage for one year from ASUS’s cloud.

The operating system is Windows 8 64-bit edition. There are also antivirus software and MS Office installed as trials.

How about graphics?

With this price finding good graphics is a hard task. Impossible, some might say. The graphics chip of ASUS K30BD-US002S is called Radeon HD 8280, and these cheap chips indeed have poor performance usually but Radeon HD 8280 beats them all. Take my word on it, any newer game that has high system requirements will be unplayable on it. Only if you resort to older titles (or don’t play at all) the Radeon HD 8280 is sufficient for you.


The connections of ASUS K30BD-US002S are not that bad for a cheap desktop. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports in front and 6 USB 2.0 ports in the back panel. You can also use dual monitors with it since both VGA and HDMI ports are featured.

WiFi is not supported out of the box, you can fix the situation with a USB gadget. Ethernet supports up to gigabit speed.

Importing photos and other multimedia from digital cameras can be done with the 6-in-1 media card reader. Creating and reading DVDs is possible with the 24x DVD burner.

What’s the conclusion

I can’t pick anything very good or bad about ASUS K30BD-US002S. The desktop is extremely cheap and basic computer suitable for home, student of office use. As it is, it’s not friend for devout gamer because of the poor overall performance. But unless you’re a player, there’s no need to buy more expensive desktop just for the sake of having an expensive computer. Thus, if you don’t intend to use your desktop for heavy tasks, you might as well go for this cheap ASUS.

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