ASUS GL502VT-DS71 Gaming Laptop Review

May 27, 2016
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Gaming on a laptop is always a bit of a compromise: you have to put powerful components in a small package, which means that price is often high – or the performance is limited. Well, the latter shouldn’t be the case with ASUS GL502VT-DS71, the notebook boasts a top-of-the-line GeForce graphics and Core i7 processor. But whether the computer is really worth the money, is entirely another question…

Does it give top FPS?

For sure this Asus should give smooth frame rates for pretty much any game. There is the high-end graphics engine GeForce GTX970M (3GB GDDR5) running the show, so you can freely up the settings in most games. For example, Far Cry 4 played on high settings and Full HD, shall give around 60 FPS. Fallout 4 should reach closer to 50 FPS, and GTA 5 easily over 60 frames per second.

How about other things in the engine room?

ASUS GL502VT-DS71 is full of heavyweight components: the processor is Intel Core i7-6700HQ, a quad-core chip with 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.5GHz turbo, with CPU Mark score around 8000. It’s unit for professionals and power users who expect great multitasking and complex application capabilities, for example image and video editors would run lag-free on this system. Also the 16GB memory (already maxed out) contributes to smooth performance.

One thing that might bother many – especially for this high price – is the storage drive solution. You’ll get a terabyte hard drive (a spinning 7200RPM one) so don’t expect great transfer rates in that section. There’s no mention about open bays or M.2 slots in the official documentation.

What ports and connections are included?

ASUS GL502VT-DS71 is a host to several ports which you can use to enhance the notebook. There are three USB 3.0 ports for you, and also USB 3.1 Type C connector. Video ports are two: HDMI-out and miniDP 1.2 – those you can use to connect a monitor.

Networking shouldn’t be an issue, there are Gigabit Ethernet LAN and AC-type WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.

Despite its size, the unit doesn’t come with an optical drive (luckily an external DVD burner can be used). A 3-in-1 card reader is however there, it supports SD, MMC and MS formats.

What other things to keep in mind?

ASUS GL502VT-DS71 comes with a high-quality 15.6″ matte display: 1920×1080 is the maximum resolution and IPS (In-Plane Switching) the panel type, which contributes to accurate colors and viewing angles almost from side to side. It’s not a touch sensitive display. The webcam supports up to 1.2MP resolution.

The battery operates on 4 cells and 64Whrs – you’re likely to find it last for 1-2 hours under gameplay. Not much, but that’s the standard. You’ll get around 3 hours if web browsing.

The keyboard is illuminated.

Summing it up

ASUS GL502VT-DS71 isn’t that different from other pricey gaming laptops: no matter what game you throw at it, frame rates will remain smooth, even if higher settings are at use. Naturally, also for other heavyweight (but non-gaming) use this laptop works well. However, the graphics card ups the price, and if you don’t find use for it you would be paying for nothing. So, only if you really are into gaming, I recommend taking a closer look at this bad boy!

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