Asus G20AJ-US009S Gaming Desktop Review

February 24, 2016
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Asus G20AJ-US009S, is it just a funny-looking desktop or a noteworthy gaming machine for hardcore players? Well, it can be both: the design surely differs from your average computer, and the engine room seems to house some components that would put a smile on a gamer’s face. So let me tell you what this desktop could do for you…

Is it good for gaming?

GeForce GTX 760 (2GB dedicated memory) is the graphics engine in Asus G20AJ-US009S. I would say it is a sufficient card for most players out there. To give you an example, GTA 5 is going to run at ~60FPS when settings are very high and resolution Full HD. Even The Witcher 3 will run at smooth FPS, giving +40FPS on high/ultra and Full HD.

Some people have also pointed out you can upgrade the graphics card, however ASUS says GTX 780 is the largest this unit can accommodate. Also remember the PSU limits, there are two power supplies (230W and 180W) and they should come as a single unit inside an enclosure.

And good for applications too?

Asus G20AJ-US009S is very sufficient for all the programs. Processor, the main component, happens to be a quad-core Intel Core i7-4790. It offers a high 3.6GHz clock speed with even a higher turbo (4.0GHz), and this setup earns the processor ~10000 points in CPU Mark. Not many other units get such a score – no matter what software you’re going to throw at the i7-4790, the processor will churn through them like nobody’s business.

By default, the desktop has 8GB memory installed. It’s a good amount to start with if you’re gaming, although some people want even more than that. It’s not a problem since the RAM here is expandable to 16GB.

It’s a hybrid hard drive you’re getting for storage. It has the 1TB 7200RPM hard drive side and a small 8GB SSD cache. The thing is, even though it has the “solid-state drive” section you still can’t decide what files will be put there. The system’s going to decide that for you. That being said, it’s not a bad drive: you still get very fast system boot up times, like you would on a real SSD. Of course, nothing is stopping you from removing that drive and putting in another one.

What ports does it have?

Asus G20AJ-US009S comes with a decent port selection to hook up your peripherals. There are in total eight USB ports; four of those are USB 3.0 and four are USB 2.0. You can use them for external drives, printers and such. In addition, also HDMI-out is offered: that is the port you’ll connect your monitor (such as HDTV or PC display) to.

For audio, the front panel sports headphone and microphone connectors. The back panel features a full 7.1 channel audio setup.

It should be rather effortless to connect to networks with this rig: there’s a WiFi (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter available. Furthermore, a Gigabit LAN circuit (RJ-45 port) is included for cable.

They have also crammed a slim DVD burner in, meaning discs work here. Media card reader doesn’t seem to be available, but that’s not a big deal, and you can always get external one that connects to USB.

Other important things you should know

Just remember that Asus G20AJ-US009S does not come with a monitor. However, wired keyboard and mouse are included.

For some reason, the operating system seems to be Windows 8.1 (64-bit). But you’re able to upgrade it free to Windows 10, that offer lasts until the Summer 2016.

Summing it up

Asus G20AJ-US009S is a real powerhouse: the main feature being a high-end Core i7 processor you should not expect slow-downs when running any type of programs on this rig. The 8GB RAM should be sufficient, and there’s a hybrid hard drive as well, however a real solid-state drive would’ve been even better. Great gaming performance is present too, with the dedicated GeForce GTX760 allowing for smooth FPS and high settings. If you’re been looking for this kind of a powerful machine, and like how the system looks, then you have a reason to get this cool Asus.

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