ASUS G11CD-DB52 Desktop Review

September 26, 2016
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A gaming desktop, the best thing a person can buy if he’s into new computer games, right? Well, that might be the case – at least this ASUS G11CD-DB52 looks promising: dedicated GeForce graphics and Intel Core i5-6400 are running the show. A closer examination must be carried out before judging it further, though…

Concentrating on gaming

To put it simply, ASUS G11CD-DB52 is a budget gaming desktop. Hence, you will find the mediocre GeForce GTX950 graphics engine (with dedicated 2GB memory) inside. Now, you can surely play any game you want with it, but not all of them might run smooth on maxed out settings and Full HD (namely heavyweight ones like The Witcher at 20-30FPS). However, high settings and 1080p should give you smooth frames for any game.

Other performance

Quite a decent processor, the Intel Core i5-6400U, you will find at the heart of this desktop. The unit runs on four cores with 2.7GHz clock speed, and there’s also turbo feature boosting the frequency to 3.3GHz. Nothing is wrong with this processor as far as power users and gamers are concerned. 8GB DDR4 (one stick) memory is also a welcome sight, and with the two total RAM slots this desktop supports up to 32GB memory.

I don’t find the storage section too exciting, there’s just 1TB 7200RPM spinning disk hard drive installed. I don’t think the motherboard supports M.2 interface, but with adapter you can fit in 2.5″ SATA SSDs inside the case if you want to upgrade.

What ports and connections does it include?

Don’t worry, you can plug in plenty of peripherals to ASUS G11CD-DB52. It includes ten USB ports in total – four are USB 2.0 and six are USB 3.0, some of them in the front and some in the back. There are also outputs for HDMI and VGA so you can hook up at least two monitors simultaneously to this.

The back panel also contains RJ-45 port for connecting to Internet with cable. WiFi (802.11ac type) is provided by the included wireless card.

DVD burner is installed, meaning that you’re free to create CDs and DVDs on this rig.

What other things to consider?

The PSU seems to be rated at 500 watts, well enough for the current components. It might suffice even if you upgrade something.

Keyboard and mouse are included, however monitor is not.


ASUS G11CD-DB52 spins and runs any game you might have in mind, so good is its graphics performance. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t reach the ultimate levels of +1000 dollar gaming desktops – might be you can not play every game with ultra settings. Other important things are in check as well, the general performance is solid and people say it’s a quiet machine. So, if you don’t want to spend too much money on your gaming computer, this should be pretty good a choice!

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