ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T Review

March 18, 2015
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The idea of having tablet and laptop in one device excites you? That’s understandable, since a 2-in-1 model can be much better choice for many than buying those gadgets separately. But what are the good sides of convertible ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T, and more importantly: is it a laptop you want to spend your money on? That’s something I’ll tell you below.


In this ASUS, the processor is Intel Core i3-4030U, a 2014 CPU with two cores and 1.9GHz clock speed. Its low energy nature limits the processing power to a degree, although it still gets nice 2700 points in CPU Mark tests (for example, the lower end Pentiums get around 2000) and is considered a higher mid range processor. So performance shouldn’t be an issue on this model, and you can happily use it for daily activities as well as for some heavier applications.

ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T has 4GB memory soldered on-board. Looking at the specs, the laptop seems to have one memory slot free for another 4GB chip (the maximum supported memory is 8GB). So despite the soldered RAM it looks like you can upgrade the memory. Four gigabytes is good starting point and you can grow from there if you notice the computer slowing down.

The storage is nothing spectacular, just a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive. That being said, for most users it’s perfectly fine: half a terabyte equals to 100,000 images or 100 DVDs. The performance is of course questionable on these hard drives, especially the 5400RPM ones. If you want smoother user experience, swap it for an SSD.

Display and graphics

Now, the best part of ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T: the screen. It turns full 360 degrees and supports touch, so by rotating the display enough you turn the laptop into a tablet. It’s quite a small in size, just 13.3 inches, so using it as a tablet shouldn’t be too cumbersome. The resolution is, as expected, 1366×768 which for this display size is acceptable. You can also try the new features in Windows 8.1 (64-bit) thanks to the touch support.

The ASUS has a graphics chip called Intel HD 4400 which can work depending on game and level of eye candy. For example, you should get away with Battlefield 4 on ~25 FPS if you keep settings low. In fact, many titles before 2014 will have better frame rates, with Tomb raider reaching 35 frames per second and sports games more than that easily.


Three USB ports are available, and two of those are USB 3.0 which can be useful – as opposed to many competitors offering only one USB 3.0. HDMI output is also featured so you can connect the ASUS to your HDTV or other monitor with HDMI input in your home.

To access Internet you can use the 802.11n + Bluetooth 4.0 card. I don’t see an RJ-45 port on the side of the laptop, although you can get Ethernet support with a simple USB adapter.

No optical drive is installed in ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T which is rather typical in this small laptops. Your options are to connect an external DVD drive or switch to memory cards: there’s a built-in SD/MMC card reader on the side.

A webcam is installed on top of the screen so video chats are possible also on this model.

Any other things to keep in mind?

There is some confusion about the weight of ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T. On official specifications it’s said to be 3.8 pounds, while an Acer representative commented on Amazon that the weight is a whopping 6 lbs. To be honest, it’s very strange for this small notebook weigh 6 pounds, so I really think 3.8 pounds is the real weight. There’s also a 3-cell battery available that should reach 5 hours threshold on WiFi browsing. It looks like this ASUS is a good companion for road warriors.

This model does not feature a backlit keyboard or numeric keypad on the right.


ASUS Flip TP300LA-DS31T is a solid 2-in-1 laptop, priced at the comfortable 500 dollars price point. For the money it offers a notebook and tablet in one package, with Core i3 processor and 4GB memory giving enough performance for casual users and students alike. You can also try to play games on it, but don’t expect demanding 2014-2015 run without lag. Other good things include two USB ports and Bluetooth support while bad sides would be missing optical drive and (perhaps) Ethernet port. All in all, the ASUS looks like an useful piece of electronics, and if you fancy the idea of a convertible laptop, such a two computers in one solution should be a great choice for you.

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