ASUS F556UA-UH71 Laptop Review

February 21, 2017
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The supply for mid-range notebooks seems to be endless. New laptops get released every week. Is the demand really creating this, or is it the other way around? Who knows, but one promising new notebook seems to be ASUS F556UA-UH71. The company’s reputation of making quality laptops is unquestionable, and this particular model seems to sport some precious features such as 1080p display and Core i7 processor. But surely it has drawbacks too, no computer is without flaws…


ASUS F556UA-UH71 has a strong performance for software. You can not ignore the processor when talking about laptops, especially when it’s the heavy-duty Intel Core i7-7500U. It’s the mobile version of i7s, running on two cores, but it still does a good job of ~5200 points in CPU Mark benchmark tests. The clock frequency starts at 2.7GHz but this processor contains a turbo boost which ups the clock speed to 3.5GHz.

Also a good thing for the performance is memory. In the laptop there’s 8GB DDR4 type RAM installed. The amount is perfect for most users, but sometimes you need more. You can replace the current RAM stick but not add another alongside, the mainboard contains just one memory slot all in all.

One of the strong points of ASUS F556UA-UH71 is the display. The 15.6″ screen offers Full HD resolution, so you can stuff things on the screen more than a regular 720p display allows. It has anti-glare coating and no touch support. Also webcam is present although it only seems to capture VGA-level video.

The notebook includes a 38Whr 2-cell battery. The technology is Lithium Polymer as opposed to Lithium Ion. These Li-Po batteries’ lifespan is longer than Li-Ion so the battery in this laptop won’t break anytime soon. The running time itself is quite typical, around 5-6 hours on lightweight use.


All the other departments in ASUS F556UA-UH71 are great but storage could certainly be better. They did not include a solid-state drive here, only a hard drive with 1TB storage space and 5400RPM spindle speed. Talking about performance, such a HDD certainly isn’t the best choice. You can do the upgrade to SSD yourself but that will of course take some time and money from your side. If you want to switch to SSD you’ll need to remove the hard drive first – there’s only space for one storage drive inside.

A minor yet important thing for some, this model does not come with a backlit keyboard. Personally I don’t care so much about that but preferences vary.

Miscellaneous things

I don’t want to list this as advantage or disadvantage because it’s so obvious thing – every mid-range laptop suffers from it. So what am I talking about? Poor gaming performance! Inside ASUS F556UA-UH71 there is no dedicated graphics card, but the slow Intel HD 620 integrated unit. It’s not Triple A game ready card – for example GTA 5 would require lowest possible settings and resolution for ~30FPS. That being said, there are many games that are popular yet non-demanding. Those include Counter-Strike: Go which would easily run at +40FPS using high settings and Full HD resolution. The same can be said about Minecraft and League of Legends etc.

A few ports are included on the sides of this laptop. You’re going to find three USB connectors there: one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 Type-C. The last one is a port of many functions, it supports a host of technologies (including HDMI and DisplayPort) with an appropriate adapter. That being said, the laptop has dedicated video outputs too, VGA and HDMI to be precise.

Interfaces for networking are exactly what you could expect: a Gigabit Ethernet port for cable and a long-range 802.11ac WiFi adapter for the wireless way. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported too.

You can use CDs and DVDs on this notebook thanks to its DVD burner. SD card reader is present as well.

Our verdict

As somebody wisely said, ASUS F556UA-UH71 is a recommended choice for any high end work yet no gaming. Intel’s i7 processor, plenty of memory and Full HD display for this price is a treat. Throwing most heavyweight applications at the ASUS will be a piece of cake for it to handle. People concerned about image quality should be happy with its screen, and multitasking with many programs at the same time is effortless with the DDR4 RAM. A small negative thing is the missing backlit keyboard and solid-state drive. But other than that, I’m surprised to see this great laptop go for this low price!

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