ASUS F556UA-AB32 Laptop Review

October 26, 2016
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Take a look at this ASUS F556UA-AB32, it’s a laptop with a lot of positive reviews and low price. It must tell you something about its utility – for home use, this kind of package should at least suffice. But because it costs only a little there must be something very wrong about it, yeah..?

The good

Price-performance ratio on ASUS F556UA-AB32 is golden. It’s powered by the Intel Core i3-6100U processor, a late 2015 dual-core release offering 2.3GHz clock speed however no turbo. You might want to know the processor receives a ~3700 CPU Mark score, meaning that it’s in the same level compared to some 5th generation Core i5 processors. Nonetheless, for this price, the CPU can not be beaten.

The display looks neat, the 15.6″ screen offers 1080p support so resolution purists should be happy. It’s not a touch display, yet with Windows 10 it’s not a problem if you ask me. There’s a VGA-level webcam installed on top, in another words you can video chat using Skype or similar programs.

The neutral

Other components in the engine room of ASUS F556UA-AB32 include 4GB memory which is not much, but at least it’s of the DDR4L type. And in addition, always remember you can upgrade it, so all hope is not lost (two RAM slots inside). The another noteworthy thing is the 1TB 5400RPM hard drive which, in all honesty, might need an upgrade too – such a drive offers a lot of space but not so much performance. Solid-state drive is the way to go for many these days.

There’s a 38Whr battery giving power for the unit, although keep in mind it’s a non-removable unit. And another thing, people have been reporting getting a maximum 4 hours operating time which is not that much to begin with.

For ports, the laptop offers one USB Type-C multi use connector and a couple of regular USB 3.0 ports. There are also dedicated video outputs for HDMI and VGA. The RJ-45 port works at a Gigabit speed, and a fast 802.11ac WiFi card (with Bluetooth 4.0) is also available.

There’s no backlit keyboard on this notebook, but as you can guess, it’s expected because you’re paying very little.

A DVD burner is included on the right hand side, also SD card slot resides there.

The bad

There’s a little chance gamers are happy with ASUS F556UA-AB32. Not many titles are going to run smooth on it, for example Grand Theft Auto 5 will require to drop settings and resolution to low to reach +30FPS. Of course if you only play something like World of Warcraft or Starcrafts you will be in better position, they will have lag-free environment.


ASUS F556UA-AB32 should be included on your shopping list if decent performance and beautiful screen are something that tickle your fancy. There’s the Core i3 processor and 4GB RAM backing you up, they’re not wonderful but for day-to-day tasks just fine. The best thing here is the display – you’ll find it work wonders for power users thanks to Full HD resolution. The price of this unit is so god damn good I can pretty much recommend this laptop to any home or office user out there!

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